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Monday, June 13, 2011

Raymond Lam's "Chok" Song Preview

A snippet of Raymond Lam's new song, "Chok", was played during the posing segment of a special episode of "All Star Glam Exam".


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Personal Note: Surprised that Raymond has a song titled "Chok".... o_O Although he is frequently associated with this term, don't think that he is the most "chok".

This section of "Chok" reminds me of some of his previous fast tracks (e.g., "Hello").

*Credits to kaka


  1. i think artistes have over "chok"-ed everything that..when Raymond did his chok face...it didn't seem so CHOK hahahahha~!

    omg it's really called CHOK the song?? i thought it was one of raymond's previous songs [i haven't heard of his fast paced music, so do correct me if i am wrong] ...wow that's weird. CHOK hahaha~!

  2. I don't watch the show. This special episode is it called special because it includes Raymond? since Raymond rarely go on playful silly gameshows and do playful silly things. It got decent ratings too.

  3. what does chok means?

  4. To JingMui:

    HK abuses the term "chok".

    The song is called "Chok", and it does sound like some of Raymond's previous fast tracks.

    To Selina:

    This variety programme was supposed to end its run after 15 episodes; however, they added two more episodes and called it a special version.

    To Anonymous:

    There's an explanation of the term "chok" here. http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2010/12/chok-look.html

  5. they also explained a bit at the beginning and partially on their website that the last episode was supposed to have been voted by the audience on which star they thought was "MVP" ..or that they'd like to see on the show again. This special was for the first 7 episodes i think..but i think TVB ran out of time or something, and so there ended up being only one episode of the MVP battling ..and the stars that showed up for the second half of All Star Glam Exam didn't end up playing again. Only Wong Cho Lam did.