Friday, July 1, 2011

Filming of "Triumph in the Skies II" Delayed Until December



At the beginning of the year, TVB was able to get an airline company as a series sponsor. "Triumph in the Skies II" was confirmed to film in September, and Michael Miu, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, etc. were chosen to take part.

The cast members' schedules were reserved for the filming of this series; however, because there were sudden changes in the sponsor's arrangements, making them unable to fly to the filming locations, filming has been delayed until December.

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Personal Note: This should be the confirmed cast of "Triumph". TVB was most likely not able to successfully invite heavyweight outsiders to take part, as the aforementioned cast consists only of TVB-managed siu sangs and fa dans.

*Credits to mingpao


  1. how can kenneth take part when he is filming ' on call 36 hours?"

  2. To huama:

    "36" will finish filming in October. "Triumph" will film in December.

  3. 留番《衝上雲霄》這個靚招牌俾自己嘅親生仔女吧!And anyway, I think Ron, Kenneth, Bosco, Myolie, Kate, Fala and Nancy are totally able to carry a series like this on their own.

    Joe and Flora were the same age as them when they filmed the first Triumph in 2002.

  4. December?...More likely next year. A decade sequel....a new standard by TVB?

  5. It's great news for Myolie because that means she can concentrate in Ghetto 2 without worry =). I was worried she might get kicked out of Triumph.

    I'm happy that Kenneth can have a break between 36 Hours and Triumph too and TVB included Kenneth since I was worried before that TVB might not consider him =). The name position suggests that Kenneth is leading above Bosco. I know Kenneth won't lead above Ron since Ron has a big role in the original.

    Maybe TVB can pair Kenneth and Myolie up. That will bring a fresh collaboration.

  6. Maybe they can pair Ma Ming with Nancy!! Hahahaha... art imitating life?!

  7. @Selina: I don't think I'm the only one to notice this but why are you trying to make fans go against each other? The name position will just make fans get mad. Why do you always compare MM to Bosco? I'm a MM fan, but you must consider the feelings of other fans too!

  8. @Guru: Sorry but I'm think I'm just straight forward type. So I just write what's in my head :) I don't think fans will get that mad, it's just positions

  9. @Selina: Some may not like it. I know that I sure don't like it when you compare for no reason.

  10. well just becuz ma ming name is before bosco doesnt mean he has a bigger role

  11. @Anonymous: I wouldn't be surprised because MM after all is on Tommy's side. I'm guessing you're a Bosco fan? :P

    I don't want MM in here because I'd rather see him lead in his own series.

  12. To cx839:

    Not saying whether they are able to carry this series or not. Tommy previously said that, in order to make this series refreshing, heavyweight outsiders must be added; however, from this cast, this is no longer the case.

    To Selina:

    Don't know why you frequently emphasize the cast order. The role itself and the script are more important.

    Perhaps you should think before you say certain things, especially when making unnecessary comparisons.

    To Ben:

    The role itself and the script are more important.

    To Guru:

    Not interested in this recycled idea (especially when I can watch the original), so don't want Ma Ming and Ron to be in here.

  13. How the hell is Kate Tsui getting all these parts? She basically only has one blank face the entire time.. I mean, yes, she's kind of pretty, and she's got a nice body, but she can't act, and every minute of her screen time is pure agony..