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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"The Other Truth" Promotional Clip 4


Raymond Wong: "The police officer fires his gun in a guardless situation. Would it be considered illegally killing someone?"

Felix Lok: "When we, the police, do things, we thoroughly follow the procedures!"

Raymond Wong: "But I personally saw your colleague fire his gun and kill someone in a guardless situation. It's murder!"

Raymond Wong: "But the suspect killed a police officer first. During the pursuit, a colleague killed the criminal. Can it be sentenced to be legitimate?"

Felix Lok: "We, the police, are simply fulfilling our professional responsibilities".

Lee Sing Cheung: "Snatching a police gun first, and then beating someone to death.... Not even worth hating when dead".

Raymond Wong: "Even if it was deserved, should still leave it up to the court to decide".

Raymond Wong: "Why are you hitting him? Stop it!"

Raymond Wong: "Not up to the cops to be so rash!"

Narrator: "'The Other Truth'. June 27th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: This case is also very intriguing! :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. yes ! the more clips, the more excited i get, this case is indeed intriguing! I don't think they touch on it a lot in tvb shows.

  2. I feel like each lawyer Ruco, Tavia, Raymond, and Louis get to be in charge or the main focus of certain cases which great! I like this much better than having 1/2 lawyer being the focus of attention which they did in SL1&2 and GJ!

  3. hyn5 I don't think that was Ruco's voice for this dialogue "Snatching a police gun first, and then beating someone to death.... Not even worth hating when dead".

  4. To sport3888:

    This series revolves around these four lawyers, so they should get their fair share of cases; however, Ruco and Tavia (especially Ruco) should be handling more cases.

    My sister also said that Ruco didn't say that dialogue (it also didn't seem fitting for his character to say that).

  5. Where is Natalie Tong? This is the 4th promotional clip but Natalie hasn't appeared..

  6. Hi hyn5! Mind to post up the video link?
    Somehow the video just show as a blank white box ... Thank you in advance!

  7. @Anonymous I think you should fix it here.. http://chriswong.tv/2011/06/how-to-bypass-skmms-blocked-file-sharing-sites/

  8. thanks Wilson Way ...