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Friday, June 3, 2011

《4 in Love》 "4 in Love" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 20 episodes long.
- The series will consist of four love stories.
- The series will talk about hot topics in the entertainment industry (e.g., stars and the media complementing one another in creating news).
- Moses Chan will play Yu Chun Tung (余鎮東), a Mongkok guy who repairs electrical equipment and appliances. He is Charmaine Sheh's fan.
- Charmaine will play Chloe Tung Oi Yiu (童靄瑤), an international superstar. She always wants to retire, but her company frequently arranges work for her, which causes her to continuously create rumours so that she no longer has to work. She wants to retire and have a simple and normal love life. She will have a romantic storyline with Moses. She will use Moses to create rumours.
- Kenny Wong will play Cyrus Poon Chun Him (潘俊謙), a sportscaster. He will have many girlfriends.
- Florence Kwok will play Charmaine's cousin and manager.
- King Kong will play Nick Lam Lik Hang (林力行), a talent in finance who enjoys the night life. He will have many one-night stands. He will suffer hair loss and impotence.
- Rachel Kan will play Hayley Cheung Hei Yin (張希妍), a lawyer who enjoys the night life.
- Wai Ka Hung will play Chung Bing Leung (鍾炳良), Tracy Ip's boyfriend. They will experience many obstacles, but will be together in the end.
- Elvina Kong will play Kelly Fung Yiu Tan (馮姚丹), a news anchor. She will have a romantic storyline with Kenny.
- Queenie Chu will play Kenny's first love. Their storyline will revolve around the issue of timing (i.e., meeting the right person at the wrong time).
- Patrick Dunn will play an expressionless news anchor. He is Elvina's husband. After Elvina learns about his extramarital affair, they get a divorce. He, Kenny, and Sin Ho Ying are basketball buddies.
- Lau Dan will play Chi Ming (志明), Elvina's father. He is a small business owner, but he has to take care of many people. He and Moses have an odd relationship.
- Mary Hon will play Chun Kiu (春嬌). She will have a crush on Lau Dan.
- Tracy will play Elsa Chow Si Ching (周思澄). She will write Weibo posts for Charmaine, and will help her come up with what she says. Because of the five-inch height difference between her and Wai Ka Hung, they were initially afraid how others would view them, so they only became friends; however, they later realize that they are very compatible.
- Calinda Chan will play an entertainment company assistant.
- Nadia Lun will play a makeup artist.
- Stephen Huynh will play King Kong's friend. He is involved in finance, and he helps Charmaine make a lot of money.
- Stanley Cheung will play an image consultant.
- Dolby Kwan will play Charmaine's hairstylist.
- KK Cheung will play a good Shaolin monk.

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Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Let It Be Love".

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Personal Note: Moses is too old to pull off the MK look.... o_O

Charmaine doesn't look bad in the wig, but still not a fan of wigs....

Ha ha.... King Kong has a head full of hair.... He even said that, with this wig, he is more handsome than Ron and Raymond now.... :P

*Credits to the-sun, wenweipo, tungstar, and Weibo


  1. Charmaine's role sounds like that it is reflecting her real life, why wonder she said that she wanna take the role. And, i agree that Moses is too old to be a MK boy,and it is weird that he will be a fan of Charmaine=="

  2. @hyn5: Is that Benji beside King Kong in that first Weibo picture? They look like twins! Hahahahah!

  3. To artbox:

    Charmaine said that she accepted the series because of the producer, and the fact that it's a familiar crew. The genre is also different from what Chik usually does.

    To Guru:

    Yes, that's Benji with King Kong. When King Kong revealed his look at the internal fitting, many people commented saying that he resembled Benji.