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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maggie Cheung Reciprocates; Steven Ma's Tailor-made New Series



The night before, Steven Ma and Maggie Cheung did a recording for the programme "Apprentice Chef". As the host, Steven laughingly said that he has used up all of his friendship cards, as he has invited all of his friends to attend. Apart from Maggie, there will also be Sharon Chan, Liu Xuan, Linda Chung, JoJo Cho, Charmaine Sheh, etc. afterward. Charmaine will be the guest on the final episode. He said, "JoJo just had a baby; she said that she would be my guest after she gets fit, but I have seen that she has kept well. As for Charmaine, haven't collaborated for a long time...invited her to be my guest on the final episode before she returns to Mainland for work".

Afterward, Steven will appear on the programme "Harbingers of Doom", hosted by Maggie...will reciprocate to repay her. Steven revealed that there are six episodes left to record. In August, [he] will film a new modern series, which is a warm, lighthearted comedy. He said that the character is tailor-made for him. The producer also asked for his opinions beforehand; however, at the moment, [he] doesn't know whom he will collaborating with.

Personal Note: He he.... Steven doesn't know who he will be working with.... :P

Mui Siu Ching said that Linda and Steven will be a different couple this time around.

Steven said that his character's occupation and personality are very special.

*Credits to headlinedaily and wenweipo


  1. It sounds like an interesting character for Steven!

  2. To Selina:

    Don't know anything about Steven's character yet, so don't know if it's interesting or not. Have to wait for more info. :P

  3. Haha! Steven didn't know that he will be working with LinLin again! Looking forward to their different kind of pairing!