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Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Theme Song

"Reunion" - Ron Ng

團圓 《團圓》 主題曲 - 吳卓羲

作曲: David Kong
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Fergus Chow
監製: 鄧智偉

我說過 明晨風雨或天晴
伴你走 追索幸福這路徑
雖不固定 沿路欣賞優美風景
我與你 從前相約無憑證
鏗鏘歡笑與夜星 拼貼最好光景

前行什麼的試煉 讓滄海變做桑田
任世間驟變 我的將來已留位置 跟你說舊年
成全未改的志願 曾離別過相信可團圓
無論心底的理想 有多遠

Personal Note: This composition reminds me of Eason's older songs.... :) Have been anticipating this song since the recording.... :P Another good solo song from Ron after "Red Butterfly"! :D


  1. The beggining sounds a little like triumph in the skies themesong by eason chan to me :p

  2. it reminds me a bit of revolving doors of vengeance & triumph in the skies. The beginning is really pretty, and i like how its very soft in terms of feel...not sound hahah~ i want to see the MV.

    i find it funny though, when it is male dominant modern dramas about them fighting against each other -- specifically brothers against each other, the themesong is more softer, calmer feel. i.e revolving doors, born rich , this was and wane. But then in contrast to the female dominant modern arguing dramas, the themesongs seem very dramatic haaha i.e heart of greed, moonlight resonance, beauty of the game :)

  3. Wow, Ron's vocals has improved compared RB! He's clearer!

    @hyn5: Did he record this song first or did he record YSSS before it? Both good songs!

    @JingMui: Wasn't BR an intense song?

  4. To JingMui:

    The theme of "Born Rich" is quite intense.

    To Guru:

    Ron recorded "Reunion" last September. He and Moses just recorded the theme of "Sir" in March.

  5. Can't wait for the full version. Ron's sounding better and I like the slow melody. Looking forwards to this series as well. Thanks for posting hyn