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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

《On Call 36小時》 "36 Hours on Call" Costume Fitting Pictures



"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 25 episodes long.
- The series will revolve around resident physicians at Mercy Hospital (慈愛醫院).
- Kenneth Ma will play Cheung Yat Kin (張一健), a senior neurosurgical resident. He will have a romantic storyline with Tavia Yeung and Mandy Wong. He and Him Law will fight over Tavia.
- Tavia will play Fan Chi Yu (范子妤), a cardiothoracic resident. Although she and younger sister Mandy work in the same hospital, they do not know each other. She will have a romantic storyline with Kenneth and Him. She and Kenneth will play an arguing couple. She later falls for Kenneth, but he does not like her.
- Him will play Yeung Pui Chung (楊沛聰), a neurological resident who is gentle but rather unfocused and immature. He later undergoes life-changing experiences (e.g., separation and reunion, life and death), and thus learns how to be a true doctor. He will have an admiration for Tavia.
- Mandy will play Hung Mei Suet (洪美雪), a first-year neurosurgical resident. Because of a childhood trauma and some misunderstandings, she becomes very competitive and always wants to surpass her elder sister, Tavia. She will be involved in a love triangle with Tavia and Him.
- Gigi Wong will play Wong Siu Ngang (黃笑鶯), a hospital cleaning lady. Her husband passed away at an early age. She independently raised her two sons (played by Kenneth and Nathan Ngai).
- Derek Kwok will play Lui Siu Yik (呂小益), a regional nurse in the Department of Neurosurgery. He and Kenneth are good friends.
- Al Wai will play Fan Chi Ngok (范智岳), a renowned doctor who is divorced. He is Tavia's father.
- Nathan will play Cheung Yat Hong (張一康), Kenneth's younger brother. He is a high school student whose legs are both lame.
- Benjamin Yuen will play Lau Bing Chan (劉炳燦), a specialist resident. He is a player.
- Paisley Hu will play Hilary To Ka Man (屠嘉敏), a strict advanced practice nurse in the Department of Neurosurgery. She will have a romantic storyline with Derek.
- Ben Wong will play John Chong Pok Man (莊博文), an associate consultant/resident specialist in neurosurgery. He and Kenneth are romantic rivals such that Kenneth is his wife's ex-boyfriend. He is Owen Ng's master.
- Mary Hon will play Si Yuk Lan (施玉蘭), the mother of Tavia and Mandy. She was originally married to Al Wai, but she was later attracted by dance instructor Bruce Li, so she remarried. Because of some reasons, she was forced to give up custody of Tavia; thus, Tavia hates her.
- Bruce will play Hung Kwok Wai (洪國偉).
- Catherine Chau will play Wang Hoi Kei (汪海琪), a nurse.
- Raymond Cho will play Chin Ho Tak (錢浩德), a high-ranking consultant in cardiothoracic surgery.
- Brian Tse will play Chui Sui Wah (崔瑞華), a first-year urological resident.
- Candy Chang will play Kan Ching Ching (簡晶晶), who is very good friends with Him.
- King Lam will play Wu Ming Tai (胡名泰), a resident medical officer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
- Kyle Tse will play Andy Law On Tik (羅安迪), a first-year surgical resident.
- Calvin Lui will play Fong Kit (方杰), a cardiothoracic resident.
- So Yan Chi will play Amanda Chan Ming Fong (陳鳴芳), an advanced practice nurse in the Department of Neurosurgery.
- Snow Suen will play Luk Sau Ling (陸秀玲), a nurse.
- Kirby Lam will play Tai Wing Si (戴穎思), a nurse.
- Jess Sum will play Ben's wife. She is Kenneth's ex-girlfriend.
- Helena Law will guest-star as Kyle's grandmother.
- Brian Chu will play the younger version of Kenneth's character.

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Visit @ TVB8 Clip (083011)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "The Hippocratic Crush".

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Personal Note: Ma Ming and Tavia are playing residents?! 囧! No wonder Ma Ming's hairstyle looked so youthful here....

Quite surprised about the romantic storylines...hope that they won't be too 囧.... Also hope that the profession is the focus of the series, but not holding high expectations, since this is a TVB series after all....

Don't know why Him's shirt was not tucked in..... o_O

This should be the sixth time in which Mary Jeh and Tavia have played mother and daughter, as they also played mother and daughter in "Eternal Happiness", "Shades of Truth", "Fathers and Sons", "The Rippling Blossom", and "The Other Truth".

*Credits to tavia.org, taviayeung.com, the-sun, headlinedaily, wenweipo, tungstar, and Weibo


  1. agree : Ma Ming and Tavia are playing residents?! 囧!

    I thought they were Doctors already...hmmm....

  2. ^ Technically they're all doctors already anyway. Residents have already graduated from medical school and carry the MD title. It's just that they need more training to be certified to practice, etc. Kenneth & Tavia might not be too believable as Attendings. Don't know about the HK medical system and a la Grey's Anatomy, Kenneth & Tavia are playing Residents while the young ones are interns (first years). Like Callie/Bailey were already in their 3rd/4th year residencies while Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Izzie were in their 1st year after graduation.

  3. ^ What I mean was maybe that's the case..

  4. Haha, and Mary has played Tavia's mother-in-law a couple times as well. xD

  5. yeah, Michelle's right, residents are doctors, usually residencies lasts on average 5 years, and during those 5 years, they sub-specialize (Kenneth in neuro, Tavia in cardio for example). In real life, they are old enough to be staff, but in the show they're probably playing younger characters, and in this case, chances are Kenneth and Tavia are probably R4/R5 which are 'ranked' higher than R1/2/3s so they are still leading them, and teaching them. There's a whole pecking order in the medical system...

  6. To Michelle & AnKei:

    It would make sense for Ma Ming and Tavia to play third or fourth year residents, but it was misleading how many of the media reports referred to them as '醫生' (and removed '實集') to differentiate them from the newcomers, even though Ma Ming and Tavia are also portraying 實集醫生s.

  7. @hyn5: I agree! What's with the love triangles? Why can't TVB for once tone the love stories down and focus on profession? But they won't do that because how else would they create rumors? :P

    BTW, kind of weird how MM said that PKT told him not to kiss Tata in here!

  8. Do you have a youtube version of the clips? Thanks!

  9. Yes Tavia and kenneth must be potraying senior residents, while Him and Mandy are first or 2nd years. It doesn't make sense if they're all potrayed as same ages.

    I'm happy for Kenneth that he got himself a promising series such as this :). I'm looking forward for Kenneth and Mandy the most.

  10. To Anonymous:

    Sorry, I don't.

  11. To hyn5:

    Its okay :)Thanks for all the info given here, very useful!

  12. would you mind translate that clips to English for me? :)

  13. WEAK CAST? No strong lead actors and actress . . . not counting Tavia horrible crying scene.

  14. weak cast?? we haven't even seen the serie n u saying is a weak cast/no strong lead actors/actress wow u r fast at assuming things n it just started film.We don't know if is a weak cast or not when we haven't even seen it yet maybe the cast will surprise us give them chances man! especially him n mandy i like their acting they r okay n getting promoted

  15. @anonymous#1

    It's unfair to say weak cast. The producer is good and the most important is script. Besides Him and Mandy are the most promising TVB newcomer

  16. i like kenneth's hairstyle. it suits him more than his hair in mysteries of love

  17. finally, at least this looks more promising than "My Sister of Eternal Flower"

  18. Sooo.. It's a possible Kenneth/Tavia pairing.. If so I'm pleased!

    Also.. Him Law... I'm neutral about him hehe, never got swept up in the hype over him but looking forward to this series nevertheless!!