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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"The Other Truth" Full MV & 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 731

"Hidden" - Ryan Lau

潛伏 《真相》 主題曲 - 劉威煌

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

場地配人選與事情 前後配合給你合適的反應
潛伏眼淚掩蓋實情 誰犯錯誰都會辯駁擾人視聽
有一雙眼做證 錯覺作弄眼睛 誰看清

*記憶各種層次 連貫著更多懷疑
猶豫像不止 將傷痛劃破展示
哪一層次 情結讓痛苦蔓延
誰又在飾演 真相交錯未顯現
內心的碎片 沒有誰看見

潛伏愛情隱蔽未明 沉著佈局一切並不需考證
能用眼淚洗脫罪名 蒙著眼迷戀悔恨最擾人視聽
有一雙眼做證 錯覺作弄眼睛 誰看清

Repeat **


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Personal Note: Surprised that Ma Ming has a kiss scene even though he is only a guest star.... o_O Also not used to seeing Ma Ming and Natalie as a pair....

The forehead kiss that was shown in this MV should be the one that was mentioned by Ruco at the promo event. :)

*Credits to peonywu @ tavia.org


  1. are there any clips of the promo event ?

  2. To huama:

    tvb.com will most likely upload some clips later.

  3. i can't seems to view some of your video....

  4. To witnap:

    Sometimes they are temporarily unavailable, but they should work fine.

  5. ahhh can't wait till monday hope is good n doesn't disappoint us fans Ruco looks hot without glasses thats what i think lve the pic of him n tavia the one where he is wearing black

  6. I agree Ruco looks better without glasses! I read from weibo that Ruco and Tavia will be on Fan and Kam? Not sure if it's the whole main cast but can't wait to watch the interview!

  7. To sport3888:

    Only Ruco and Tavia went on "Fan AND Kam".

  8. Thanks hyn5, will you be translating this article?

  9. To sport3888:

    No, I do not translate TVB Weekly interviews. I just like to keep the scans.

  10. @Anonymous and @sport3888: I also think that Ruco looks better without glasses. He and Tata sure look like good couple. Hehe!

  11. To Anonymous, sport3888 & Guru:

    It may depend on the frames, as Ruco had a better glasses look in "When Lanes Merge".

    Actually prefer Ruco with glasses, since he is slightly cross-eyed (just like Kenneth Chan, who also looks better with glasses).