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Friday, June 10, 2011

Steven Ma Filming "The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City" MV @ TVB8 Clip


Yao Bin: "Prior to singing the theme song of his series and filming the MV, Steven Ma not only had to rehearse in singing but also in fighting skills".

Steven Ma: "Actually, this song is the theme song of the series 'The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City'. Because the song title is still undecided, can't tell everyone at the moment. In 'Thunder', I play an imperial guard with great martial arts skills, who protects the emperor and every high-ranking official in the Forbidden City. Thus, for this MV, the director specially invited Wai Zai, our martial arts choreographer, to add some martial arts moves, in hope that the feeling of the MV would complement the storyline. In the series, there will be many fighting scenes. It can be said that, since entering the industry all these years, 'Thunder' is the series in which I had the most action scenes. Just now, Wai Zai gave me many moves that--according to them--have been specially arranged to be simplified for me. If they were really of higher difficulty, perhaps need to have a wire or my body doubles to help me in order to be able to do it. Actually, hope that.... Perhaps add more moves afterward...can't be too difficult because it is very hot. Luckily, this arrangement is quite good".

Yao Bin: "When seeing Steven on the screen, would think that he mainly films series. Actually, in his heart, he still loves music".

Steven Ma: "Actually, everyone knows--or should know--that I entered the industry as a singer. Have not released an album for many years, but I have never given up on singing. For instance, most of the time, I sing the theme songs of my series. Also, there are many outside performances, such as in the US, Canada, and stage performances that need almost an hour or two hours...like the format of performing a mini-concert. I have never given up on singing. As for releasing an album, there is a plan to do so, but have to take it slowly because, right now, there is a lot of work, such as filming series, hosting, as well as other performances, writing a book...too much other work. However, still the most important goal...should be able to do it in the future. May be able to do some album-related work again".

Personal Note: Steven Weibo-ed a picture of the lyrics, and the other title that was being considered should have been "Cold Arrow" (冷箭).

Elaine Yiu said that "Thunder" will release in July, so it is most likely airing after "Wax and Wane".


  1. @hyn5: Your Mandarin is "hen le hai"!

    Also,I am looking forward to watching the "Double Horses" in here! Haha!

  2. To Guru:

    Can understand most TVB artistes' Mandarin, as they use simpler vernacular. ;)