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Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Promotional Clip 3


(A lifetime of beliefs.)
Narrator: "Entangled relationships cause a sudden change in human nature".

Sunny Chan: "I do everything for this family".

Narrator: "Straightforward and upright for most of his life".

Sunny Chan: "It can't always be about money, right? We also have our conscience".

Sunny Chan: "As long as you're happy...."

(A night of betrayal.)
Narrator: "Ruthlessly turning against each other within one night".

Sunny Chan: "I can clearly see who is human and who is a ghost!"

Chow Chung: "How come you did so many shameful deeds, yet you act as if nothing had happened?"

Sunny Chan: "Get back what rightfully belongs to the Man family!"

Narrator: "When will [he] be able to go back to [his] original nature?"

Narrator: "'Wax and Wane'. June 13th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: An adapted version of Louise Lee's line in "Heart of Greed".... 囧!

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. hahah louise's "who is ghost, who is human" line.! i've actually heard this line be used in older dramas but i guess the scriptwriter fit it in really well for their drama

    i haven't seen sunny in serious dramas in a long time...but... i think TVB doesnt really do these male dominant "money fighting" family dramas that well :S

  2. lol..that line again! I tot that Roger is the only evil guy in WAW, didn't know that Sunny is also playing an evil role. I hope Ron's role won't be too boring=='

  3. It is not surprising to see TVB recyle dialogue. Most definitely not the first time!

    OT: I really miss seeing Sunny play handsome roles.

  4. OMG sunny is really good at these roles :)
    he was pretty good looking with charmaine in DIF4...haha no wander charmaine had a crush on sunny ;)

  5. ^You guys should watch Sunny in Once Upon A Time in Shanghai! He's so shuai n macho what more with that trench coat aka the mafia look *faints*