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Friday, June 17, 2011

"Ghetto Justice" Immediately Filming Sequel


After "Rosy Business" from Catherine Tsang's crew was aired, the reaction exceeded the expected results; last year, the sequel, "No Regrets", was immediately filmed. This time, "Ghetto Justice" has aired until the third week, and it has already become a hot discussion topic. This series belongs to Tommy Leung's production crew; in order to follow up a victory and press home the attack, they have already planned to film a sequel with the original cast before the end of the year. Kevin Cheng and Jazz Lam have both expressed that, if it does happen, it would definitely be greatly anticipated. Director of Series Production Tommy Leung confirms, "Decided to filmed a sequel at the end of the year because the legal genre still has a lot of room for development. Apart from the original cast, will also be adding new cast members to participate".

FYI: This series will be produced by Joe Chan Wai Koon, who was one of the directors of "Ghetto Justice", and it will film at the end of October.

Tong Kei Ming revealed that there are also plans to film a movie version, but would need TVB to free Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu's schedule.

Personal Note: It should be a "sequel" in the sense that the original cast will be filming another series that belongs to the legal genre, but unsure as to whether it will be a direct continuation of "Ghetto Justice".

*Credits to mingpao


  1. Wow, I wonder how they're going to film it by the end of the year if they want Myolie in it too since she's filming a new series in August and doesn't she have Triumph in the Skies 2 afterwards?

    Also, is there a reason that they don't just do a direct sequel which continues from Ghetto Justice now? That seems to be the easy way to go since people seem to like the characters... Of course, I don't know the ending so maybe it doesn't lend itself to a sequel

  2. @hyn5: How is TVB filming a "sequel" when Tong Kei Ming has retired?

  3. hmm i'd like to see the cast working together again!! i really like the friendship amongst the 4 males -- although i feel Eddie Kwan's not as involved in the cases, but still really enjoy his role too.

    But I would hope it's not like a direct sequel of Ghetto Justice 2. While the chemistry of the cast and the ideas are important, but I feel the cases aren't that interesting...and we already have a general idea of who's right and wrong in the cases. It's more of watching how the roles are dealing with it, since everything just seems to relate back to revealing about the characters themselves. It's a different viewpoint of legal dramas but I won't be overly excited to watch it if it's going to follow the same tone in the sequel. -- like I hope the sequel wouldn't be like D.I.E 2. the first time, it was good but the sequel, i felt the idea was a bit overused and the cases became really simple. it was all just about watching the cast's interaction in the end.

  4. I hope this becomes a franchise like back in the 90s era . . . Files Of Justice.

    It is a great series right now, hopefully that Ghetto Justice sequel will get more then 20 episodes order (IMO around 30 to 40 eps, 8 to 12 cases?)...

    Terry Tong Kei Ming maybe coming back for another one, hopefully, if not get a better producer equivalent !!!

  5. @JingMui

    I think some of the cases are quite good and has great acting especially with Savio Tsang.

    Tommy might get Tong Gei ming back. He's good! but he can always get a new producer.


    I hope this can become a franchise too. It's the best series of the year so far!

  6. Tong Gei Ming is good at making these edgier series, as he did direct all those Gigolo movies back in the 90s.