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Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Promotional Clip 4


Narrator: "Entangled relationships cause a sudden change in human nature".

Ron Ng: "I believe that both of our families will become better and better. Finally have good days ahead of us!"

Narrator: "The most natural man at heart...."

Ron Ng: "I am very serious. Marry me".

Ron Ng: "Fu and I are going to get married".

(A change of heart in one night.)
Narrator: "Becomes the most ruthless at any moment".

Ron Ng: "No longer interested in marrying you".

Ron Ng: "I am the CEO. I can do whatever I want!"

Kate Tsui: "Open your eyes, and clearly see who is the bad person!"

Ron Ng: "You are actually the worst person!"

Narrator: "Is it still possible to get things back to normal?"

Narrator: "'Wax and Wane'. June 13th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Prefer Ron's look in "Dwelling Choice of Men and Women"....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Yes Ron looks more dashing in Dwelling. Not to say that he looks bad here since he still look smashing hot! He was looking very good in Yes Sir too but his appearance was so little.

  2. Cant wait for Wax and Wane, cant wait to watch ROKA...
    I think Ron's look in this series was affected by his illness at the time he was filming this.

  3. 4 days to come to watch the first epoisode of Wax and Wane!!!
    support Roka all th way!!!