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Friday, June 24, 2011

"The Other Truth" Five-second Promotional Clip, Promotional Clip 6 & TVBI Trailers

"The Other Truth" Five-second Promotional Clip

Narrator: "June 27th @ 9:30pm. 'The Other Truth'. Carrying on the fight for justice".

"The Other Truth" Promotional Clip 6

Narrator: "A strong crew carrying out the legal proceedings for justice. A strong cast pursuing the true meaning of law".

Louise Lee: "Help us mother and son!"

Benz Hui: "Definitely want an appeal!"

Chung King Fai: "Don't worry".

Raymond Wong: "What you see in front of you...."

Ruco Chan: "Is it the fact's truth?"

Narrator: "'The Other Truth'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

"The Other Truth" TVBI Trailer (26")

Louise Lee: "If you didn't help the scumbag get acquitted of the crime, my son wouldn't have had to kill his bad father!"

Tavia Yeung: "By crossing the boundaries like that, you can easily get yourself in serious trouble".

Tavia Yeung: "Guilty for the crime of sexual assault!"

Chung King Fai: "Every witness' statement is bound to have a flaw".

Felix Lok: "If you cause any more trouble, the entire police station will be upset".

Ruco Chan: "I can give up everything. All [I] want is for you to go to prison!"

Tavia Yeung: "Everyone thinks that if the matter is taken to court, and that there are witnesses and evidence, then the truth will be known".

Raymond Wong: "Only the heavens know the truth of the matter".

Narrator: "'The Other Truth'".

"The Other Truth" TVBI Trailer (2'20")

Personal Note: Only a few more days.... :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. hope this will be a big hit!
    i've fulfilled my thirst for this by going on the tvb website and looking at the pics and reading everyone's profile hahaha

  2. lol huama there's only two days left. I fulfilled by anticipation but watch the two episode previews that were quite long =) I love how the first case has Ruco in charge my favorite actor, love him so much! I'm praying that one day Ruco, Kristal Tin (my fav actress), and Elena KongMeiYee can lead a series together. All are ex ATV actors that are extremely talented and versatile =)

    Episode 1 Preview
    Episode 2 Preview

  3. thz for sharing sport3888 can't wait

  4. sport3888
    oh, thats a wonderful suggestion! They are all great actors and they should be recognized!
    one more day till 'the other truth!"

  5. just wondering the fight between Ruco n Kenneth is it because natalie got hit by the car? there was a part where a gurl got it by a car in the ("The Other Truth" TVBI Trailer (Extended Version)

    but i am not sure who it is and did natalie n ruco date in this serie as well?Did she die? i would appreciate it if some one can tell me hehheh

  6. To Anonymous:

    Yes, Natalie's character did get hit by a car (but don't know if she dies), and that should be why Ruco hits Ma Ming at the hospital.

    Doubt that Ruco and Natalie date in this series, as it seems that she simply develops an admiration for him.

  7. wow, i saw 陈芷箐! i would love to see her on screen again.

  8. i think natalie dies because from the theme mv i saw kenneth crying over what seems like a dead body at the hospital in the er room and in this clip, when ruco punched kenneth it appears to be the same er room

    so i think natalie dies and kenneth is sad while ruco gets pissed off and punches kenneth and says the only thing he wants is to send kenneth to jail

  9. thz for the info hyn5 n jwk really appreciate it thankz alot y i think natalie n ruco date is because on tvb.com when i click the serie's i click the pictures section and on number 9 out of 13 i saw two pics of them holding handz

  10. To Anonymous:

    Yes, Astrid is a guest star in here. She will also be involved in one of the cases.

  11. ^ i saw in the trailer, she's involved in Louis's case right?? haha it looked kind of funny their interaction