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Monday, June 27, 2011

"The Other Truth" Opening Theme Video

"Hidden" - Ryan Lau

潛伏 《真相》 主題曲 - 劉威煌

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

場地配人選與事情 前後配合給你合適的反應
潛伏眼淚掩蓋實情 誰犯錯誰都會辯駁擾人視聽
有一雙眼做證 錯覺作弄眼睛 誰看清

記憶各種層次 連貫著更多懷疑
猶豫像不止 將傷痛劃破展示
哪一層次 情結讓痛苦蔓延
誰又在飾演 真相交錯未顯現
內心的碎片 沒有誰看見

"The Other Truth" Episode 1

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Personal Note: Enjoyed the first episode, so it's off to a nice start. :)

As expected, Ruco is quite charismatic in this leading role, and he speaks in a clear and well-paced manner while he is in court. Like how his character has a lighthearted side to him outside of court as well (e.g., poking fun at the 'clock' gift). Funny how he was jogging on a non-moving treadmill.... :P Also enjoyed his scenes with Louise. :)

Nice to see that Tavia has a more independent and mature role here. During the court scene, it looked as though she was speaking her lines with a lisp, but didn't find that she delivered her lines with a lisp, although she was indeed much clearer in her other scenes.

"The Other Truth" Episode 2

"The Other Truth" Episode 3


  1. lol HYN5 so that was what it was! When I watched that scene I felt something was off but didn't know what it was turns out the treadmill wasn't turn on ><" oh TVB... Though I guess I was too busy looking how Ruco's athletic outfit and figure to stare at the treadmill =P Haha I also liked how Ruco made fun of the clock, he was being funny without exaggerating very natural!

    Of course once again he's able to convey emotions well with his eyes. One thing I've also noticed he does really well is differentiating his character's personality and emotions from his other roles even when the roles are similar.

  2. Ruco did a great job in the first episode! Yeh Tavia was sick during the time during filming TOT - you can tell her face is a bit swollen and her tongue was probably tense. But her performance is still pretty good despite being sick! Hope she gets better throughout the episodes

  3. Best series of the year by far! Good script and good acting! Hen hao kan!