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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leading New Series and Carrying Newcomers: Kenneth Ma Waiting for Opportunity to Change Cars and Buy a Flat


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Yesterday, Kenneth Ma, Cilla Kung, Ha Yu, Cecilia Fong, and James Ng had a modern costume fitting for TVB's new series "Back to the Three Kingdoms". In the series, the five of them are a family. Kenneth, who plays the eldest brother, time-travels back to the era of the Three Kingdoms. Because of the help of Cilla, who plays his younger sister who is proficient in physics, he is then able to return to the modern day in the end.

Yesterday, Kenneth also tried on his 60-year-old makeup for when he returns to the modern day. To make it look convincing, there was not only makeup work on his face, but there was also a coat of glue on his hands to have a wrinkly effect. During this, it could be seen that Kenneth's face was so dark that it reflected light; however, the hair root area was oddly white. He explained, "Recently, [I] have been doing ancient location filming under the sun every day...to the point that there's an ancient wig imprint. Now, already know where to glue the ancient wig without measuring!" Kenneth also expressed that because he resembles his mother more, the old look he tried on yesterday did not resemble his father, who is over 60 years of age.

When mentioning that it has been said that TVB will be filming the new series "36 Hours on Call" with Kenneth and Tavia Yeung in the leading roles, who will be leading a group of newcomers such as Mag Lam, Mr. Hong Kongs, etc., the always-humble Kenneth just said, "Tavia and I will indeed film a series about Accident & Emergency (A&E) doctors. Not saying whether [we're] carrying newcomers or not. The issue is the genre. In the series, Tavia and I are doctors, while the others are medical interns, so certainly need younger ones to portray them. Everyone is just waiting for an opportunity! (You have waited for it?) I am also waiting for it. I am not capable yet! Later, I also want to win awards, buy a flat, and change cars!"

Cilla Kung's Look Resembles Celia Sie

New 'Homebody Guy Goddess' Cilla had a glasses look yesterday. At a quick glance, she resembled Celia Sie during her school beauty days. Regarding this, she frankly said that there were some friends around her who pointed out the resemblance. When asking whether she knows who Celia Sie is, she said, "I know! She was a school beauty from some university back then!" When mentioning the Friday finale of "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!", Cilla expressed that she did make a suggestion to the producer to gather the cast and crew for a meal while watching the finale, because after completing the filming of this series, have not properly sat down with each other for a meal. When asking Cilla whether a recent increase in jobs would mean that she would pay the bill, she frankly said, "There are more jobs, but would still tell Moses Chan to treat!"

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Personal Note: Based on the title, "36 Hours on Call", knew that it would about A&E doctors! :D Also, as predicted, the medical interns will be played by Mr. HKs and former "The Voice" contestants. Anyway, glad that the leading roles are confirmed! :D

Also, Ma Ming will look good when he's 60! He he.... :P

*Credits to singpao, the-sun, headlinedaily, mingpao, tungstar, and Weibo


  1. Look too good! 60? Can't believe!

  2. He looks like dr Paul Ching from Healing Hands haha

  3. ahhh.... love kenneth and love James Ng! always thot he was dorky like kenneth; happy he's a part of the fam!

  4. 60 yrs old and as "ying" as ever!