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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Twilight Investigation" Promotional Clip 3


Linda Chung: "Investigating cases so randomly, who will give you face?"

Wong He: "No matter what kind of cases...."

Oceane Zhu: "Missing persons, following people...."

Raymond Wong: "Cases involving fraud, murder...."

Johnson Lee: "Cases within cases...."

All: "We are able to investigate it!"

All: "With weird PIs, the cases will be cracked!"

Linda Chung: "Hello, is this TVB? When is 'Twilight' going to air?"

All: "'Twilight Investigation'. 1129, 830!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... All of the kelefes have lazy sounds! So 囧, yet so funny! :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. LOLS...linda seems very cute...haha i want to see this...
    BTW what does 囧 mean?? hahaha...

  2. To JingMui:

    If you compare this promo clip to the Sales clip (i.e., the actual series), you can tell that Linda's acting has matured.

    囧 is a facial expression to describe one's mood. It can be helpless, shocked, stunned, frustrated, depressed, strange, speechless, etc. If you notice some of my posts, I really like this term. I even have it as a skin on my iPhone! He he.... :)

  3. So is Linda playing a different role than her usual goody-two-shoes? She sounded like the happy-go-lucky girl in this promo. Kinda like FHI?

  4. To Tracy:

    Linda plays a young HK model with lazy sounds and no substance. What she portrayed in this promo clip is not what her character is actually like in the series.

  5. lol this promo clips are just too funny. ah the cast is great even got Johnson lee. Pretty sure there will be some comedy relief in there! Looks like a great detective series and the best part is it's not copied! or at least no news of that sort so far.