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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

42nd Ming Pao Awards Results

42nd Ming Pao Awards Results



Most Outstanding Album: Eason Chan 《Time Flies》
Most Outstanding Male Singer: Eason Chan 《一絲不掛》
Most Outstanding Female Singer: G.E.M. 《A.I.N.Y.》 (愛你)
Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert: Jason Choi, Hanjin, Alex Fung & Keith Leung 《Faith》 Producers


Most Outstanding Movie: "Echoes of the Rainbow"
Most Outstanding Male Artiste: Simon Yam "Echoes of the Rainbow"
Most Outstanding Female Artiste: Fiona Sit "Break Up Club"
Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert: Sammo Hung "Ip Man 2" Stunt Director & Pang Ho Cheung "Love in a Puff" Director


Most Outstanding Television Programme: "Fun with Liza and Gods"
Most Outstanding Male Artiste: Moses Chan "Can't Buy Me Love"
Most Outstanding Female Artiste: Charmaine Sheh "Can't Buy Me Love"
Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert: Mui Siu Ching "Can't Buy Me Love" Producer


My Most Supported Artiste: Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
愛心動力大獎2010: Sammi Cheng
Ming Pao Weekly Tribute Award: Leon Lai

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