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Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Series 《大話情人》 "Lying Lover" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《大話情人》
Pinyin title: Dai Wa Ching Yan
Temporary English title: "Lying Lover"
Producer: Lee Tim Sing

- 20-episode pre-modern romance.
- Raymond Wong and Niki Chow will have an amnesic love story.
- Raymond will play a vengeful villain.
- Raymond and Niki were orphans. When Niki was young, she lost her memory in an accident. She was later adopted by the owner of a sauce manufacturing factory, and became in charge of the factory. When she grew up, she meets Raymond again. In order to exact revenge, Raymond enters the factory. Later, they fall in love, and Niki regains her memory, only to discover her childhood friend on the road to evil.

Personal Note: In the article, it said that this series will be Raymond's first time playing the first lead, so that means he is indeed not the first lead in "The Truth".


  1. Not true actually, information in news is not always accurate. Earlier, many news reports have already indicate Raymond as leading role in When Lanes Merge. His interviews with magazines also indicate at such.

    Also, at this moment it is not possible for Ruco Chan to lead over him in The Truth.

  2. To sehseh:

    Yes, Raymond is a leading role in "Lanes", but his name will finally be listed first in this Lee Tim Sing series.

    As for "The Truth", it revolves more around barristers than solicitors. It also seems more likely for Amy Wong to give Ruco a bigger role.

  3. It will indeed be Raymond's first time as the first male lead.

    Sure, in When Lanes Merge he played a leading role, or male lead whatever it's called, but there was also Kent Cheng in the series. And in The Truth, yes, he has leading role but there's also Ruco Chan who apparently seems to have just as much screen time as him if not more.

    However, in this new series LTS says he's the ONLY male lead. There's no other leading male.

  4. Based on the short synopsis, this doesn't sound like a romance series to me? It sounds quite heavy/somewhat dark. When I think of romance series, I think of like Under the Canopy of Love.

  5. I think what we're all trying to get at is that in this new series, Raymond Wong is the ONLY male lead.

    I still consider Raymond the first male lead in "when Lanes Merge." I think Kent's name was listed first as a respect since he is a veteran. The storyline completely revolved around Raymond's character.

    Now, "The Truth" might be the same case where one actor's name is listed first, but the other has more screen time. We really have to wait til the series is aired to determine who is the first male lead.

  6. yea this is the first time Raymond Wong is the only male lead in a series and nowadays that's really hard to come by. Most are shared leads.

    As for The Truth articles said Ruco was first male lead which is what I've assumed at least for now but it can also be incorrect. Just gonna wait for the series to air before concluding that since from the sales presentation brochure both are equally lined with Tavia in the center. I have high hopes for this series especially since the cast is great, just hope the script/storyline doesn't flop.

  7. why is Raymond Wong's character out for revenge? geez sounds like a typical drama series where the main character date the daughter to get close to the father and take over their business ><"

    Seriously doesn't sound like a romance series at all! I want to see Raymond Wong and Niki Chow in a lighthearted series!

  8. All I can say is don't get hung up on whose name come first or whose image is the biggest on the promo poster or who is supposedly the first male lead. That is all superficial. What counts ultimately is if he is the central character of the series, and that his character is given appropriate screen time to captivate, and that the actor himself is given enough screen time and arresting storyline to showcase and show off his acting skill and versatility. And most of all, that he is not used to prop up or promote someone else in the series.

  9. great example would be Burning Flame 3, they made WongHei's characer look so bad and even put his role in a coma just to make Kevin looks so perfect and better to promote him!

    They do that alot with other series too, make another character look worst to support the main leads to end up together.

  10. pray that they don't do the same in The Truth to Ruco or Raymond just to support the other to be with Tavia, I would hate it!