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Saturday, November 13, 2010

《TVB Weekly》 Issue 699

This is the list of the 43 artistes who were randomly drawn at the press conference for the awards presentation. They received a lucky pocket worth $1000 HKD, and they are also eligible to win prizes at the anniversary gala.


01. Annie Chung
02. Emily Chung
03. Leo Ku
04. Lau Tin Lung
05. Natalie Tong
06. Tammy Ho
07. Peter Lai
08. Felix Lok
09. Claire Yiu
10. Argus Ip
11. Ram Chiang
12. Ken Wong
13. Milkson Fong
14. Oscar Li
15. David Do
16. Sammy Lee
17. Tavia Yeung
18. Him Law
19. Benjamin Yuen
20. Gigi Ho
21. Gordon Liu
22. Candy Yuen
23. Yeung Ying Wai
24. Maggie Shiu
25. Miki Yeung
26. Wan Si Pui
27. Law Lok Lam
28. Niki Chow
29. Mikako Leung
30. Jeffero Chan
31. Poon Chung Yeung
32. Cheung Wing Hong
33. Leanne Li
34. Lau Kong
35. Elena Kong
36. Astrid Chan
37. Bak Yan
38. Brian Chu
39. Wendy Lee
40. Kerry Chan
41. Janice Ting
42. Chan Wing Chun
43. Raymond Cho

《TVB Weekly》 Issue 699



Personal Note: So, Evergreen didn't get a lucky pocket....

*Credits to 法拉城


  1. is tvb anniversary awards ceremony live broadcasted???? thanks

  2. Yes, it'll be live broadcasted on December 5th, 20.30pm (HK time) in Hong Kong as well as other overseas countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia etc.

    The same with this friday's (November 19th) Anniversary Celebration Gala.

  3. It will be broadcasted in Singapore?!omg I want to watch!which channel will it be?

  4. Thanks so much for scanning the pages! I did not manage to get the mag in Singapore and was quite disappointed. I would appreciate if someone can tell me where to get it....Anyway, I really enjoyed reading them!