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Thursday, November 11, 2010

TV Awards Presentation 2010 Nominations


The awards presentation will take place on December 5th @ 8:30pm.

Best Actor
01. Ron Ng ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Roger Kwok ("The Season of Fate")
03. Kevin Cheng ("A Fistful of Stances")
04. Joe Ma ("Suspects in Love")
05. Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
06. Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")
07. Kent Cheng ("When Lanes Merge")
08. Bobby Au Yeung ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
09. Damian Lau ("Growing Through Life")
10. Bosco Wong ("Growing Through Life")
11. Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
12. Bowie Lam ("Every Move You Make")
13. Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")
14. Felix Wong ("Gun Metal Grey")
15. Michael Miu ("Gun Metal Grey")

Best Actress
01. Myolie Wu ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Kate Tsui ("The Beauty of the Game")
03. Maggie Shiu ("A Watchdog's Tale")
04. Michelle Yim ("The Season of Fate")
05. Liza Wang ("OL Supreme")
06. Ada Choi ("Fly with Me")
07. Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
08. Linda Chung ("Ghost Writer")
09. Fala Chen ("Ghost Writer")
10. Louise Lee ("Some Day")
11. Teresa Mo ("Some Day")
12. Jessica Hsuan ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
13. Maggie Cheung ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
14. Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
15. Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")

My Favourite TV Male Character
01. Sunny Chan ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Steven Ma ("A Watchdog's Tale")
03. Wong Cho Lam ("Don Juan DeMercado)
04. Chapman To ("OL Supreme")
05. Kenneth Ma ("A Fistful of Stances")
06. Him Law ("Suspects in Love")
07. Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
08. Tsui Wing ("Some Day")
09. Kent Cheng ("When Lanes Merge")
10. Raymond Wong ("When Lanes Merge")
11. Bobby Au Yeung ("A Pillow Case of Mystery")
12. Johnson Lee ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
13. Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
14. Louis Yuen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
15. Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")

My Favourite TV Female Character
01. Myolie Wu ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Christine Ng ("The Beauty of the Game")
03. Kitty Yuen ("Don Juan DeMercado")
04. Liza Wang ("OL Supreme")
05. Ada Choi ("Fly with Me")
06. Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
07. Louise Lee ("Some Day")
08. Teresa Mo ("Some Day")
09. Joyce Tang ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
10. Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
11. Fala Chen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
12. Linda Chung ("Can't Buy Me Love")
13. Susanna Kwan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
14. Lee Heung Kam ("Can't Buy Me Love")
15. Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")

Best Supporting Actor
01. John Chiang ("A Chip Off the Old Block")
02. Derek Kwok ("The Season of Fate")
03. Michael Tse ("My Better Half")
04. Ron Ng ("OL Supreme")
05. Dominic Lam ("A Fistful of Stances")
06. Kenny Wong ("Fly with Me")
07. Raymond Cho ("Fly with Me")
08. Joel Chan ("Sisters of Pearl")
09. Kenneth Ma ("The Mysteries of Love")
10. Johnson Lee ("A Pillow Case of Mystery II")
11. Louis Yuen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
12. Raymond Wong ("No Regrets")
13. Ngo Ka Nin ("No Regrets")
14. Evergreen Mak ("No Regrets")
15. Vincent Wong ("Gun Metal Grey")

Best Supporting Actress
01. Sharon Chan ("The Beauty of the Game")
02. Denise Ho ("OL Supreme")
03. Selena Li ("A Fistful of Stances")
04. Natalie Tong ("A Fistful of Stances")
05. Kara Hui ("A Fistful of Stances")
06. Queenie Chu ("Fly with Me")
07. Kiki Sheung ("Sisters of Pearl")
08. Aimee Chan ("Some Day")
09. Kingdom Yuen ("When Lanes Merge")
10. Elaine Yiu ("When Lanes Merge")
11. Elena Kong ("Beauty Knows No Pain")
12. Toby Leung ("Growing Through Life")
13. Susanna Kwan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
14. Fala Chen ("No Regrets")
15. Nancy Wu ("Gun Metal Grey")

Most Improved Male Artiste
01. Jazz Lam
02. King Kong
03. Joel Chan
04. Raymond Wong
05. Him Law

Most Improved Female Artiste
01. Selena Li
02. Elaine Yiu
03. Natalie Tong
04. Skye Chan
05. Mimi Lo

Best Series
01. "A Chip Off the Old Block"
02. "The Beauty of the Game"
03. "A Watchdog's Tale"
04. "The Season of Fate"
05. "Don Juan DeMercado"
06. "My Better Half"
07. "OL Supreme"
08. "In the Eye of the Beholder"
09. "A Fistful of Stances"
10. "Suspects in Love"
11. "Fly with Me"
12. "Sisters of Pearl"
13. "The Mysteries of Love"
14. "Ghost Writer"
15. "Some Day"
16. "When Lanes Merge"
17. "A Pillow Case of Mystery II"
18. "Beauty Knows No Pain"
19. "Growing Through Life"
20. "Can't Buy Me Love"
21. "The Comeback Clan"
22. "Every Move You Make"
23. "No Regrets"
24. "Gun Metal Grey"

Other awards: Best Host, Best Variety Enrichment Programme, Most Admirable Variety Programme Award, tvb.com Popularity Award, and Best Professional Performance Award.

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. thanks for posting this up!
    my vote:)
    Best Actress:Sheren Tang
    Best Actor:Wayne Lai
    Most Favourite TV Male Character:Felix Wong
    Most Favoutite TV Female Character:Maggie Cheung
    Best Supporting Actor:Ngo Ka Nin
    Best Supporting Actress:Elena Kong
    Most Improved Male Artiste:Raymond Wong
    Most Improved Female Artiste:Selena Li
    Best Series:No Regrets

  2. Does Selena makes a chance for Most Improved?

  3. I doubt Wayne & Sharen will win 2yrs consecutively besides NR's rating is nothing great. I think Wayne is trying too hard!- he's OTT.

  4. last year's Rosy Business rating wasn't great either=)

  5. ^But Wayne's Chai Gou in RB created huge waves of positive feedback and accolades unlike the currently harsh criticisms against his Lau Sing as well as the series itself.

  6. Best Actress:Sheren Tang
    Best Actor:Raymond Lam
    Most Favourite TV Male Character:Wayne Lai
    Most Favoutite TV Female Character:Charmaine Sheh
    Best Supporting Actor:Evergreen Mak
    Best Supporting Actress:Fala Chen
    Most Improved Male Artiste:Raymond Wong
    Most Improved Female Artiste:Natalie Tong
    Best Series:No Regrets

    Very difficult to choose this year for a few categories...I feel fala might take favorite actress if charmaine dont' appear at the show (she said she might not..same as sheren, i think both are saying that so that tvb will give them the award to show up...all scheming) and then that would affect the supporting and most improved actress awards. But if everyone shows up for the awards, this is what it would look like.
    I think Pierre lost out on the supporting actor because evergreen's role is now the most talkabout and Pierre's had bad rumors (with him getting a bottle thrown at, plus he won it last year already)
    The most improved actress is def. Natalie's (unless tvb gives her supporting, then its Selena's...i would love that result). Most improved male is Raymond Wong with King Kong as a dark horse)
    Best series is def. No Regrets...although Can't Buy has higher ratings i think No regrets is more talked about
    I know most ppl will think im crazy for thinking Raymond Lam will win. Trust me, i don't think he SHOULD win but i think he will win because tvb loves him the most (not debatable) and they been trying to give it to him but someone else keeps taking the spotlight. This year, with Wayne and Moses being criticized and with no clear cut favorite, tvb will finally be able to give it to raymond without too much complaints

  7. omg, how is kenneth not on it for best actor? n kevin is for AFOS? ridiculous!

  8. My picks of whom I want to win:

    Best Actor: Felix Wong
    Best Actress: Sheren Tang (Theresa Mo is good too but ratings of Someday is not that good)
    Most Favourite TV Male Character: Kenneth Ma
    Most Favourite TV Female Character: Tavia Yeung
    Best Supporting Actor: Dominic Lam
    Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong
    Most Improved Male Artiste: Raymond Wong (even though Joel Chan deserves this too)
    Most Improved Female Artiste: Selena Li (Natalie Tong will be my second pick)
    Best Series: A Fistful of Stances

    But I think Charmaine will probably bag either Best Actress/Most Favourite Female Character.

  9. I know everyone likes Natalie because of her role in AFOS. I agree that she did well in there, but it was only half of the series. I didn't find her very "improving" or outstanding in the other 2 series (The Comeback Clan and A Watchdog's Tale). It's all the same kind of acting like in her other (older) series (Life Art, TBBOL, JL2, TGGOH, AHWL, etc).

    IMO Selena has been improving ever since her first series, she should have won in 2008, it was so her year.. sigh. But after 7 years in TVB, and being nominated for this award so many years, I truly feel she should win an award now.

    I'm not sure about Selena's chances, but it's definitely a Natalie vs Selena battle for Most Improved. I know we shouldn't look this way, but in all the series they played together in (JL, AFOS, Thunder...) Selena has always a bigger role, plus the recent Lighting Ceremony, Selena stood 2nd row whereas Natalie was 3rd row. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

  10. Im surprised that Ruco Chan didn't get a nomination either.

  11. I am suprise Kenneth have not nominated as Lead actor in The Mysteries of Love,if Bosco can nominated as best lead in actor in Growing Through Life why not Kenneth ?

  12. I remember that Evergreen Mak was rumored to be involved in some type of of sexual harassment case with some of the female artists. Do you think that would affect his chances of possibly winning?

    I'm personally rooting for one of the Raymonds to win but it seems obvious that Raymond Wong will win Most Improved so I'm hoping Raymond Cho has a shot.

  13. I also hope for Selena to win! I agree she should have won in 2008, especially she did well in FH2. Nancy won mainly because of the dance show. Sigh..

    I did not really like Natalie's character in AFOS as she is always crying over any small matter. But guess may get HK viewers' sympathy. Did not watch comeback clan. Her role in a Watchdog's tale is too similar to other roles she had done, so no breakthrough.

    Selena did not have to do much in CBML. So I think it will be up to Dr Wing vs Ah Ngan!

  14. I'm rooting for Raymond Wong. Joel Chan isn't good enough yet.

    @bbfreak: yes it's ridiculous. I don't get how they can nominate Kevin. The committee must be watching a different series hehe :)

    @Elise: I want Selena to get an award too! She improved so much in Fistful

  15. I agree, Selena should have won Most Improved Female in 2008 =[ Nancy only won b/c of dancing... Selena's been nominated so many times and she has really shown improvement through her series. Her emotional scenes were quite good in AFOS. I liked her character and pairing with Kenneth =] Selena shall win this year! (fingers crossed, best supporting actress would be even better =D). I don't really want Natalie to win, she hasn't improved much...

    I want to see Kenneth Ma win Favourite Male Character or Best Supporting Actor. He really outshone his co-stars in AFOS (he should have been nominated for best actor...). Good character to portray and positive feedback, he was like the male lead =P He was also very good in MOL, totally watched it for him hehe =] His character was a lot more interesting than Raymond's. I felt he shined and improved in that one too.

    Best Actor should go to Steven Ma, I think it's his turn and he deserves it even though he didn't have a breakthrough role. Most Improved Male is most probably Raymond Wong. Best series imo would be AFOS (but it didn't do too well in ratings... hmm) I kinda want Linda to win Most Favourite Female =] or Charmaine.

  16. huh? Nancy deserved her award. She won because of her roles in "DIE", "Silver Chambers" and "WOIL2".
    Mostly Silver Chambers since she stood out the most here. I want Selina to win this year too but I would never say Nancy won in 2008 just for dancing when she has consistently improved her acting just like Selina.

  17. I agree with lol. Nancy deserved her award. At that time, I actually thought Nancy's acting was better than Selena. It was last year that Selena deserved to win but TVB didn't bother because she was overseas.

    To turtle88, AFOS average rating was not amazing but it got very high peak rating. The rating picked up greatly at the ending week. So can't say AFOS acting is not great. Moreover, it has very good reviews.

  18. lol to AC that was not Evergreen Mak he was never even mentioned as a suspect! It was Ellesmere Choi that was the suspected one and later both hima nd Kingdom Yuen were called into Virginia Lok's office and that was the last I heard of that incident. Cause Kingdom was the one who first revealed the sexual harassment of female artiste. Some say she was grabbing attention but I believe what said was the truth.

  19. I agree, how is Kenneth not the lead in AFOS, but Kevin is? I really hope Kenneth wins, I'm not fussed whether it is Best Character or Supporting, but he was very good in AFOS! It's about time for Kenneth win... again!

    Also, I think that Raymond Wong & Mimi Lo are above the standard of Most Improved. But good to see Mimi being acknowledged.

    Whilst Felix may be doing a good job in Gun Metal Grey, I think I recall him saying that he doesn't want to fight for the award. I don't think he needs it, he has already proven to be a very good actor!

  20. Selena must win this year! She had been nominated countless of times, i really think TVB should actually give her at least the Most Improved Awards as an encouragement, ofcourse, it'll be much better if it's Best Supporting but I doubt because TVB would probably give it to other people. I really adore Kenneth-Selena pairing. They're simply SWEET! For Most Improved, it's definitely a battle between Selena and Natalie. I must agree, Natalie was good in AFOS, she definitely improved, but i reckon that Selena's acting was more mature in AFOS and it should be time that she bagged this award that she should alrdy bring home in 2008 or 2009. I keep my fingers crossed though.. Because Natalie's role in AFOS received many positive reviews. But i sincerely hope that Selena would win.

    I also hope that Kenneth win for his 'Koo Yu-Tong' in AFOS, his potrayal of Koo Yu-Tong definitely captured the eye of many audiences. And i think HE SHOULD win. But i keep my fingers crossed too, as there are also many strong actors in there like wayne, raymond and kent. I have always liked raymond but i felt that his potrayal in MOL wasn't so impactful. And i heard there were quite many negative reviews of wayne in NR but he might win as susanna also won Best Supporting even though her role as Wong Sau Kam was evil and many ppl disliked her. But nevertheless, i still support Kenneth!

  21. @sport3888 OH! Okay, thanks! Now I feel bad for confusing them. LOL

    I'm still wondering if Evergreen Mak can win this because I can imagine them choosing one of their more promoted artists to win instead.