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Friday, November 12, 2010

"Show Me the Happy" Promotional Clip 1

(Lui Ying Hung, an undercover nurse. Chai Cheung, a pediatrician.)

Narrator: "In order to be admitted into this clinic, there must be something wrong".

Roger Kwok: "Everything will be okay after a shot".

Coleman Tam: "A shot?!"

Bernice Liu: "Look at my move!"

Roger Kwok: "Everything's okay now".

All: "A trivial matter becomes a surprise".

Narrator: "'Show Me the Happy'. November 29th @ 8:00pm".

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Personal Note: So, Bernice will come out in the clinic. He he....

Little Coleman is growing up! He's not as chubby anymore! :P


  1. haha i still thick little coleman is kinda chubby...haha atleast the last time i saw him...he still was..but definetely in comparison to his ID days, he's lost weight...hahahha :)

  2. ^ sorry that's supposed to say "think"

  3. To JingMui:

    Coleman was very young in "Persona". :)