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Friday, November 26, 2010

"Links to Temptation" Promotional Clip 1

"Links to Temptation". December 13th @ 9:30pm.

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Personal Note: Like how there was nothing to translate, as the clip just showed mysterious things happening because of a cell phone, which is what the series is about.

Also, there are recent rumours saying that TVB will film two grand ancient productions, and that Steven will take part. Wonder if TVB will really film "Back to the Three Kingdoms"....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. I like the mysterious vibes of the video. Appearance wise, all three look very good; Fala looks very alluring and sexy.

  2. wow fala looks soo good in this promo! she gets to work with steven ma alot its no wonder that they have such a good relationship...sigh i wonder when she and moses will get to play a couple =/

  3. I'm looking forward to see Fala in her first lead role. I agree that she looks very alluring and sexy, while Yoyo looks mysterious.

  4. I'm looking forward more on Yoyo side because she look very mystery and scary.

  5. ya my first time seeing yoyo acting as the villain, quite excited can't wait for it to start :D

  6. @jwl, fala and moses kinda were almost a couple in "in the eye of the beholder" but somehow i cant imagine them to be a couple. they dont really look very compatible together.

  7. Fala is looking good in her first leading role :)

  8. i love how Fala looked in this clip. very pretty. hope this series has good ratings and congrats to fala for the first time as female lead :)

  9. To jwl:

    Well, Moses and Fala were kind of paired up in "In the Eye of the Beholder". Also, he had a crush on her in "The Ultimate Crime Fighter". :)