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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Twilight Investigation" Promotional Clip 1

Shek Sau: "Don't be so rash in opening the door".

Johnson Lee: (in Filipino) "I am from the Philippines".

Wong He: "I am from A Plus".

Linda Chung: "I already heard of this name since I was young. It's the most stunning contemporaneous private investigation agency".

Wong He: "Good morning!"

Johnson Lee: "But he's also in the same trade as I am!"

Shek Sau & Linda Chung: "But he looks weirder!"

Raymond Wong: "If you want to find a weird PI who is well-known...."

All: "Come to A Plus. It will not be a wrong recommendation!"

Narrator: "Professional weird PIs. Hire without worries. November 29th at your home".

Personal Note: This promo clip is so a commercial. It wasn't 囧 enough! Wanted to see Linda's o靚模 look. :D Can't wait!

Love Wong He! ;)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. LOL at the parody of the maid advert in HK xD

  2. ehhh..what a weird promotional cilp. hahaha i didn't really like it

  3. hahaha yeah it was a parody of the maid commercial in HK...hahahha!! but ATV's Lo Hoi Pang did the parody first..

  4. Johnson is not speaking Filipino. It's a Malay language!

  5. To richie tan:

    When Johnson spoke, the subtitle said that he was speaking Filipino, but I don't know how accurate that it, as I do not know Filipino.