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Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Men with No Shadows" & "The Rippling Blossom" @ TVB Programme Highlights


"Men with No Shadows"

Humans are naturally kind; however, for fame and fortune, they are willing to be controlled by their inner demons.

Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Cast: Raymond Lam, Bobby Au Yeung, John Chiang, Tavia Yeung, Gigi Wong
Duration: 20 episodes


"The Rippling Blossom"

The romantic snowflakes of Hokkaido. Reminisce the pleasant sights and sounds.

Producer: Chong Wai Kin
Cast: Julian Cheung, Michael Tse, Damian Lau, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu
Duration: 20 episodes

Personal Note: The title "Men with No Shadows" sounds quite mysterious.... Also, hate how TVB always messes up John Gor's Chinese name!

Don't know why they placed the partners on the opposite side....

*Credits to chau1239 @ tavia.org


  1. Wow... looks like Tavia has got 2 series airing at the same time. Kinda like what we have with Nancy Wu. But I have to say that it's really weird seeing the same actress in 2 different series back to back.

  2. HEY...i like the look of the Men with No Shadows poster....i really look forward to it...since I like Tavia & BOBBY!! haha and this new title seems to have some meaning to it...haha

    i hope this is good!!

    btw who are the two people on the leaf in the rippling blossom poster? looks like Damien Lau and that lady from ATV [who played raymond lam's mother in grow through life]

  3. To TVB Review:

    These are some of series that are featured in the overseas booklet. It does not necessarily mean that they will air at the same time.

    To JingMui:

    I like the apple concept. Yes, Damian Lau and Lisa Lui (who played Raymond's mom in "Growing") are on the leaf. Lisa is actually from the TVB's first acting class.

    To lol:

    No, that's Lisa Lui on the leaf with Damian.

  4. I like everything about "Men with No Shadows". From the title, the poster lines to the poster pose, the whole mysterious feeling about it is just awesome. I hope the real show wouldn't disappoint.

    The Rippling Blossom just lacks depth when put next to "Men with No Shadows". And I agree with Hyn5, I don't understand why they put they placed the partners on the opposite side, very misleading.

    Even though I really really want to watch Men with No Shadows, I'd rather it aired next year, so that it can have better treatment. Series that aired at the end of the year won't get good treatment no matter how successful they are, eg. Dicey Business, A Chip Off the Old Block.

  5. Glad to hear from these two series because there are two of my favorite heroes, Raymond Lam and Julian Cheung

  6. why is raymond's name placed before bobby's? :(

  7. To foshy:

    "Men" will definitely air next year. :)

    To Raylan:

    My favourites would be Chi Lam and Bobby. :D

    To terrence:

    Bobby and Raymond are both main, but Raymond's character is most likely the central character. Also, "Men" is a Tommy series. :)

  8. Men poster is great. It carries so much depth and stays true to the mysterious point of the series by using the apples. This is worth waiting for. I think Raymond's character is the central focus character too since his name is first before Bobby and he's in the centre of the poster. His character is also the most intriguing and has more depth than Kingsley.

    Rippling looks like a very easy going Korean romance type of series. It's a different feel from the mysterious and fresh Men. I believe the location in Rippling will be beautiful since most of the series was shot in Japan.

  9. I thought Myolie was the first female lead in "The Rippling Blossom."

    I like Raymond and all, but to put his name before Bobby in "Men with No Shadows"?! That's no respect to Bobby, considering he is a veteran.

  10. I'm really looking forward to Men with No Shadows. Thanks for posting the poster !

    But I'm with the others, Bobby's name should be first...

  11. Have been anticipating Men with No Shadows for awhile already! Love the whole mysterious feel to it, can't wait for it to air! :D Haha somehow I feel the whole apple idea got its inspiration from Twilight (the movie). Hopefully it doesn't disappoint, but I doubt it will since most of Bobby's shows are good :)