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Saturday, November 13, 2010

'10 Anniversary Time II

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak


It is evident that the major contenders for 'Supporting Actor' are Dominic Lam, Ngo Ka Nin, and Evergreen Mak. Dominic received the most praise for the role of Wing Tak; however, "A Fistful of Stances" was aired too early, and he has not personally tried to garner votes. Dominic also does not seem to place much emphasis on awards, so he may not even go to the awards presentation, which makes him an unlikely candidate to actually win the award. As for Ngo Ka Nin, he made a great impact on the audience for his performance as 'Spare Rib' in the first few episodes of "No Regrets". Although Ka Nin received much praise for his performance, he does not have much screen time. Evergreen has also come in from behind, and has become more noticed for his role as Leung Fei Fan, and has gained much popularity. Evergreen should be able to gain more support as the series progresses as well, as his role is quite prominent. Evergreen has always performed well, but he has not had much recognition in the past. It would make sense for Evergreen to win because he has been with TVB for 23 years, and with his rising popularity, TVB may want to finally give him some recognition for his service and efforts.

Best Supporting Actress: Kara Hui


Kara Hui has this award in the bag, especially since Susan Tse, who was seen as her biggest competitor, did not even receive a nomination. In the past year, Kara received seven major film awards, and since she just became a TVB-managed artiste, TVB will most likely reward her for her television work as well. TVB's nominations tend to be based on ratings, such that higher rated series tend to be nominated. However, since Kara was nominated for her stronger performance in "Fistful" instead of her performances in the more highly rated "Can't Buy Me Love" and "No Regrets", this will make her 'Best Supporting Actress' win even more convincing.

Most Improved Male Artiste: Raymond Wong


It is quite evident that Raymond Wong is winning 'Most Improved', since his fellow competitors are not even of the same status, as Raymond has more prominent roles than the others. Many of the series that he participated in also received high ratings. In particular, with the good ratings of "When Lanes Merge" and the positive feedback regarding his performance as Turbo, it would make sense for him to win this award.

Most Improved Female Artiste: Selena Li OR Natatie Tong


The competition for 'Most Improved Female Artiste' is obviously between Selena Li and Natalie Tong. Selena is the better actress and has shown more versatility; however, Natalie's sympathetic role as Ngan received a lot of noise during the broadcast of "Fistful", and it was Ngan's rape incident that propelled the ratings of "Fistful". Selena had always been nominated in 'Most Improved'; however, she did not receive a nomination in this category last year. The fact that TVB nominated her in this category again may be an indication that there is a leaning toward Selena, especially since she has a higher status than Natalie in TVB. However, Natalie has been recently getting more prominent roles, and she slightly edges out Selena in audience votes. Thus, it is difficult to predict who will actually receive 'Most Improved Female Artiste'; however, I personally would like Selena to win.

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  1. Thanks for the post^^ I really enjoyed reading it ;)

  2. To LynneD.:

    You're welcome. I'm glad that you've enjoyed reading it.

  3. To hyn5: Yes forgotten that our Evergreen is also part of Thunder. Steven (Best Actor), Kenneth (Most Fav. Male Character), Evergreen (Best Supporting), Selena/Natalie (Most Improved), if they all win, then Thunder would be quite impressive with 4 award winners.

    It's a pity that Dominic does not really care about the awards. I truly want either Dominic or Evergreen to win. It's not that only THIS performance was outstanding, no, he has always been acting well, just no one ever noticed. He's actually just like Wayne, they both played in JTTW and have the similar status in TVB for years (they have both been playing supporting roles all the time). Now Wayne is Best Actor, it's time for Evergreen to get recognised too.

    As for Kara, I've always liked her performances. The first time I saw her was probably the guestrole in JTTW. After her return to TVB, the first series I saw her in was OTFB, in which she played Kenny Kwan's mother. She cried and screamed so much, it really made me cry. I truly wish she would win an award one day, that time I didn't realise it would happen so soon. I'm really happy for her that she became the Film Queen. Her performance as Selena's mother in AFOS was really good, I cried when she got crazy.

    Lastly, Selena vs Natalie... It's indeed hard to predict. I'm of course biased, as I'm Selena's fan.
    Natalie's Ah Ngan was popular and the audience loved her. But in all the other series she has been acting in, i.e. The Comeback Clan and A Watchdog's Tale (this year) she didn't show improvements when compared to her older series (like The Green Grass of Home, Life Art, The Building Blocks of Life). The acting was all the same (same expressions, voice, etc.), it resembled so much that I can't even remember some of her roles, they didn't stood out (and therefore are not memorable).
    That is why I don't think she did really improve, it is just this particular character (Ah Ngan), and I don't see her give an impressive performance again (soon), unless she gets a miserable and sad character like Ah Ngan again, but later people will get tired of this kind of roles. It would be pity if TVB gives her the award just for this particular role.
    On the other side, Selena did play many different roles and she did show improvements in all these years. Just like Cat Lee in FH2, the character was written well, but I think that if another actress played this role, she would probably give a complete different outcome. No one would probably act the same way Selena did, she gave the character an own "style". Back to this year, she also put life into Dr. Wing, but it's a complete different performance compared to Cat Lee. It's not all the same, just think about The Four's Nam Yeuk Fei, etc.

  4. *cries* I just wrote one long article, then when I posted, it says: "the url is too long to process". Now it's gone =(

  5. Definitely want Selena to win over Natalie. Natalie was adequate in AFOS but even then, I didn't like her acting. Selena on the other hand, has shown much progress in each of her series. Otherwise, I don't really have that many preferences in this year's awards. Probably because I haven't seen that many great shows this year.

  6. I want Selena to win too. Selena is more versatile and has better acting skills than Natalie. Natalie is just lucky that she got the sympathetic character as Ah Ngan and win audience but in the Comeback Clan she's just sub par. I will feel that Selena is robbed if Natalie gets it.

  7. I'm happy everybody likes Selena. And I would like Selena to win too. She really deserve this award. But ofcourse, Natalie would also have a chance in winning this award as her role Ah Ngan in AFOS really caught the eyes of audiences but it's only this particular role. I must agree, she needs recognition for her performance but it's only this role that she performed well. If she gets an award for just this particular role, i would think it's unfair to Selena. On the other hand, Selena has been constantly, and i really mean constantly improving, like her role as Nam Yuek Fei, Cat Lee, Dr Wing, etc. She did really well, and she deserved this long ago, but always she ends up with nothing but the Top 5. And her constant nominations should actually show that she is constantly improving, while Natalie seldom gets nominated. So i guess, we know who improves more. But ofcourse, i keep my fingers crossed. I really hope Selena wins this award and seeing so many people supporting Selena, i wonder why she loses to Natalie in audience votes. I think she should win. :) Let's Support Selena together! :)

  8. What is this highly raved character about Selena's role in FH2? I watched the series but I don't remember her role as outstanding.....maybe my memory failed me...but I do remember Shirley Yeung's case there.

  9. To jnlh2010: It's near to the end, the case on the actresses. Many scenes on Cat vs Mdm Ma.

    Hyn5 says more audience supports Natalie though it's not the case here based on this blog feedback. Any Natalie's fans wanna counter?

  10. To Advo, Elise, Ice-Cream, Selina: I'm happy that you guys do support Selena over Natalie too. Sadly, HK fans always think differently than we do (as we can see the ratings of series).

    I hope HK fans do see too that an actress shouldn't win because of one particular role. I checked the nomination history: Natalie was only nominated in 2005 and 2006 for Most Improved; whereas Selena is nominated every year since 2005 (except for last year).

    To jnlh2010: The first scene she appeared was at the carpark, Frankie saw her but when he wanted to walk towards her, Leanne appeared and slapped Selena. After a conversation, Leanne walked away and Selena checked her face in a mirror and did like nothing happened.
    And I love the scene where Leanne sees Selena for the second time at the carpark. Selena's role is so intelligent.

  11. To jnlh2010:

    Selena's character, Cat Lee, appeared near the end of FHII. She was a cool manager, who was Frankie's university classmate. In the scenes with Madam Ma, she was able to "intimidate" Madam Ma. Selena overshadowed Charmaine, even though she was only a guest star.

    To Elise:

    This blog is not representative of the HK population; however, in some HK forums and polls, Natalie slightly edges out Selena in votes. However, I also support Selena! :)

  12. Hahaha, I'm really really happy that everyone is supporting Selena. She really deserves the award. Yes I agree with hyn5, in some forums i saw more supporting Natalie compared to Selena. But it's definitely not the case here, and I believe everyone of you here really thinks that Selena deserves the award. So if Natalie gets it, I'll be disappointed but I reckon her role in AFOS is good, but I don't think she qualify for Most Improved yet. Maybe in time to come, she should get it. :)

  13. Many of most improved winners got it within first or second nomination and they are now first leads.
    If Selena did not win, will she be overqualified to be nominated next year? Just like Bernice?
    Fala also hasn't won yet but she is not nominated this year even is a strong year for her.

  14. Sorry, I am Elise. Accidentally typed Selena...

  15. Yes I think there's chances that Selena might not be nominated next year because she is nominated almost every year since 2005. But i keep my fingers crossed and really pray hard that she gets the award for Most Improved.

  16. i agree with most of your consideration but for the most improved actress, i totally prefer natalie over selena. Despite more recognition and breakthrough role, i still stuck to praise selena's acting. i been loving her but her acting didn't deliver much attention to give me a mood or rooting to the charactor. Infact, Selena had been improved all the way long since forensic hero with her nasty behavious overshadowed by jealousy. I doubt that tvb just recently try to promote her. I agree with some comment below about natalie for not been improve but luckily, her talented acting still in same quality as she did in the last few years. The main problem is the role she play recently is not much breakthrough like before until the fistful of stance which break off her potential to be on big screen and grap attention again. Go Natalie.

  17. Natalie should won that award since 2006 by forensic hero nomination. Her acting reached at peak at that time.

  18. To eng samnang:

    Actually found Natalie's acting to be best in "A Great Way to Care", even though she was just a guest star. However, that series never aired in HK.

  19. I reckon that Natalie has improved. Selena has too. And I think she deserves the recognition she has been given much more than Natalie because I feel that Selena has more acting potential and versatility compared to Natalie. I must agree, Natalie's performance in AFOS was much more eye-catching and touching compared to Selena's. but we have to consider on the role itself, Ah Ngan role was written to acheive more sympathy than Dr Wing. But it's all my personal opinions. I would support Selena much more over Natalie. I agree with Ice-cream, Selena should win this time and maybe in time to come, when Natalie's acting becomes more mature, she should be taking this Most Improved. I also agree with eng samnang, Natalie's role in "A Great Way To Care" is good, where she acts as a mentally-impaired person. Just like Selena in Forensic Heroes II, she acted well, and I reckon is one of her best performance there. for now, i would say Go Selena! And I totally adore her pairing with Kenneth in AFOS. They're very sweet inside!

  20. Sorry, i agree with HYN-5, not eng samnang.