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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tavia Yeung's $660,000 HKD Mercedes Benz




A Mercedes Benz E-class E200 CGI (4 Cylinders Turbo/ 1,796cc/184 H.P.) was spotted parked in the building parking lot where Tavia lives. The vehicle is registered to a Mr. Yeung, but the license plate is the one that Tavia uses, so he is believed to be her relative.

Tavia has also spent $40,000 on high-performance road racing tires.

Personal Note: Although the license plate is blurred out, you can see that the parking spot has 'EE 830' (EE = 怡怡, 830 = her birthday) spray painted on it. :D

*Credits to appledaily


  1. Looks like a nice car. :D
    Tavia doesn't look like a person who would spend money on a car like that, racing tires?! Haha. She has the boldness and adventurousness in her. :P

  2. To Anonymous:

    Artistes need to have fast wheels to flee from the paparazzi. Ha ha.... ;)

  3. Nice car, but I think the racing tires kill the classiness a little bit :-)

  4. wow, i never would have thought tavia would drive this type of car or spend so much money hahah, what a different side of her

  5. To Giao:

    I guess Tavia likes speed. :P

    To Rachel:

    Well, it has been a while since Tavia has purchased a vehicle. Her previous one was a Mini Cooper. :)

  6. I thought she bought a Volvo st after TVB Aniversay?

  7. To Anonymous:

    The Volvo was her brother-in-law's.

  8. The tire rims does not look well.

    She better have tinted windows to race around.

  9. To Anonymous:

    The rims don't look bad.

    Don't think Tavia will actually race. Most likely to escape from the paparazzi.

  10. If its a convertible. it is a match. I still think it was a poor choice to choose the rims, and it is a racing tires. She is racing away the paparazzi to go to her alleged boyfriend tv star Raymond Lam, kidding aside.