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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hyn5 Publicly Shows Affection for Ron Ng

Ron Ng has been recently rumoured with Mainland artiste Viann Zhang. In the Next Magazine article, they published a Weibo update that I posted of Ron. Next titled the picture as her "showing public affection" for Ron, but it was actually me! Ha ha! Next said that she publicly praised him for being handsome, and accompanied it with a heart; however, I was the one who had that in my update! In her update, she only had a clapping symbol, and said that he was a cool, pretty boy.


hyn5: "Ron Ng is really too handsome! [handsome] [heart]"


Caption: "The two of them frequently pay attention to each other on Weibo. Previously, he injured his hand, and she was immediately worried and asked how he was doing. Last week, after she saw Ron Ng, she flew to Beijing for work. She, yearning for love, publicly praised Ron as being handsome, and accompanied it with a heart--very sappy".

Thanks to Mare for notifying me that I was mentioned in Next Magazine. Ha ha....

*Credits to tom.com


  1. hahahaha!! that's too funny!!! does the person writing the story not understand how to use weibo?!

  2. wahaha that's just too weird. I also wonder if that person knows how to use weibo! That obviously isn't the female actress' account! If they want to make up stuff at least find actual weibo posts!

  3. lols xD This is so random! Haha...

  4. OMG hahaha... rofl

    Congrats for maing it into the tabloids! Actually she responded with a clapping symbol, which means that she agrees with what is said. But Next wrote it like she was the one saying exactly those words, even the heart symbol. Hahaha

  5. Haha! Way too funny! Tabloid writers these days! Shake head!!

  6. To carmen, sport3888 & tamaya:

    That just proves that it's all made up because it is hard to believe that the writer does not know how to use Weibo. Ha ha....

    To LynneD.:

    It is very random! :)

    To TVB Review:

    My sister and I were dying laughing. :D

    To lizzy:

    Thanks, I was surprised when Mare told me about it.

  7. You're welcome! It's still funny hahaha xD

  8. Hahaha, this is very hilarious.
    In other words, the so-called rumours is a made up story.
    I wonder what were the writers were doing when they were writing this story up.

  9. Too funny!! Writers these days. XD

  10. LOL. Okay, this really shows how ridiculous magazines and tabloids can be.

    Thank you for clearing things up!:)