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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TVB Sales Presentation 2011 Screen Captures

"Back to the Three Kingdoms"

hyn5: Love the concept about time travel, but don't like Ron's hair. :P

"Colourful World of Sister Fa"

"The Boxing King"

"Yes Sir, No Sir"

"The King of the Phoenixes"

"The Truth"

hyn5: Surprised that there was a clip for this, and very surprised that Ma Ming is shown. :D

Love the idea of Ma Ming and Ruco facing off! :D

"The Gods.com"

hyn5: Ha ha.... Louis as Kingsley (Raymond Lam), Cho Lam as Tai Kai (Louise Lee), and Johnson as Chai Gau (Wayne Lai). Better not be a male version of Charlie's Angels.... Ha ha....

Is this the 'Kingsley' Tavia mentioned on her Weibo? :P

"Relic of an Emissary"

hyn5: Michael and Kate's love scene quite resembles the love scene they had in the Sales clip for "Monk Wu Jie" from last year.

"Psychological Warfare"

hyn5: Catherine Tsang's version of "An Uninvited Date"?

"Mahjong Flying Southeast"


hyn5: Yuen Wah's look is very unique. :) Seems as though everyone is paired up in this clip. Ma Ming and Linda! :) Wonder if it will film.... :D

"Only You"

hyn5: Elena and Raymond Wong look sweet! :D

"Counter Terrorism Response Unit"

"The Great Eunuch"

Variety Programme: "Sleepover with the Stars"

hyn5: Ha ha.... TVB presents "Sleepover with the Stars"! :P Surprised that they found Ma Ming to film this clip. :D

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*Credits to tungstar


  1. All of these sound VERY interesting! I'm especially looking forward to "Three Kingdoms", "Phoenixes", "Truth", "Relic", "Warfare", "Mahjong", and "Eunuch"! Oh, Ron and his time traveling again. XD I love time traveling stories lmao

  2. aww it looks like screen freezes from clips if its ok can you give me the link? i wanna watch!!

  3. totally agree that the Ruco vs Kenneth face off was one of the first things I noticed when i saw the screencaps! Especially when Ruco looked so cool with the fierce expression =D.

    haha can't believe Elena Kong Mei Yee and Raymond Wong are pairing up in Only You! I was actually only going to watch Ruco's story in there since I don't like Kevin Cheng but i guess I'll watch it entirely if Elena and Raymond Wong are part of the main characters.

  4. wow!! i think tvb might actually be making really good series next year! i'm really excited to hear more about these series!! :

  5. The Gods.com looks very funny. The Great Eunuch looks very ott. Zhen Fei is too old while Guang Zi looks too young. How can Bosco becomes Michelle's husband? Counter Terrorism Response Unit looks interesting. The King of the Phoenixes looks like War and Beauty. Yes Sir, No Sir and The Boxing King look boring. Back to the Three Kingdoms looks so bad because of Ron's wooden acting. They should replace him. Only You looks sweet. Relic of an Emissary look pierce. Colourful World of Sister Fa looks dull. Mahjong Flying Southeast looks like a clip in the Sale Presentation last year with Yuen Wah. Psychological Warfare looks mysterious. The Truth looks unattractive, only Kenneth saves the series. Over all, this year TVB has some good shows. I hope they will film Back to the Three Kingdoms without Ron because he can't act in the pictures.

  6. zhenfei is played by tavia (:

    hahaha maming is so cute in the sleepover clip, esp. the last scene XD

  7. The King of the Phoenixes looks the best among all=)hmm..my least fav would be Colourful World of Sister Fa...i can't stand charmaine acting like a kid...gosh

  8. They should film the 3 Kingdoms. I like the concept too. Hehe Ron this time travel further than before

  9. hey @ all... I'm a huge TVB Fan... where can I watch the tvb sales presentation?? please help... thx in advance!!

  10. «The Boxing King»: Selena and Raymond wearing glasses... they are probably a couple? Also, Kate isn't in the screencaps, but she should be in the clip.

  11. To Anonymous:

    Yes, they're screen captures, hence the title of the post.

    The Sales has not aired yet. It will air on the 27th.

    To sport3888:

    Elena and Raymond Wong are only guest stars in "Only You".

    To Rachel:

    Actually, most of the series in here have already finished filming.

    To Anonymous:

    How can you tell that Ron's acting is wooden from these screencaps?

    I look forward to "The Truth".

    To Selina:

    Although I would like to watch "Back to the Three Kingdoms", I can't see TVB filming this.

    To Anonymous:

    The Sales has not aired yet. It will air on the 27th.

    To lizzy:

    From the series description, Raymond Wong also has a wife. Since Selena is the only female besides Kate, it would make sense that she's the wife.

  12. hahaa i want to see celebrity sleepover~ haha i love how they used kenneth in the clip...for some reason i can imagine it having kenneth eat all the food and everything...it'll be very cute!! haha but ofcourse...doubt they'd actually have a variety show like that....AHHAHAHA

    i think the great eunuch will be not really be filmed...or atleast it wont turn out that great...because TVB hasn't been able to really do that genre that well... i feel it's more like a classic mainland drama... hahaha same with Relic ...hahah~

    i kind of hope the psychological warefar would be good..because well even though they say adam cheng is ratings poison since that stock market based drama... those dramas TVB used to have with him in the past [like 90s] were really good... and his image in the picture kind of reminds me of that.

    haha i want to watch GODS.com!! hahahaha

    King of the Phoenixes...i really want to know how it's going to be.... for sure it isn't going to be a War and Beauty... just because WAB had Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai, Maggie Cheung and Charmaine Sheh. While Phoenix.... is only Myolie and Jessica right? haha the costume seems very Princess Pearl / mainland so i'll be excited to see...

  13. His expression is null in the pictures such as picture number 001 he tries to act surprising but he looks very dull, picture number 014 he tries to act funny but his face is very fake and picture number 022 he is unnatural. Ron is remaining his bad acting and no improvement is noticed. He should stop acting and become a model as he only has the look. I still don't think The Truth looks attractive.

  14. I don't agree with you, Hyn5. I think there's a big chance that TVB will film "3 Kingdoms" since time travel is kinda "in fashion" right now :P. Plus people love (aka me :P) "A step into the past"

  15. I actually can see TVB filming 3 Kingdoms because the genre is something TVB can be good at and the ratings is favourable for a fun series like this. Same with jingMui I can't see TVB doing Eunuch because the genre is too depressing and serious. It's not something that TVB is good at and the ratings won't be favourable even if it's Wayne.

  16. To Selina and JingMui: TVB can film some good depressing series like WAB. They can pull it off if they try hard enough. Just not sure who the Producer will be, and hope it won't turn out like BTROC. But I read the synopsis of Eunuch. It seems like there are more messages to the series than just tragedies. It's about the way a eunuch survive in a world full of dark competition. If written and filmed well, it can be a great classic.

    I'm liking the screencaps of Eunuch. Actually the screencaps of Eunuch capture me most. Michelle is great as Cixi, love the smaller-shaped lipstick they put on her in one of the screencaps, more realistic and Michelle can pull off that look.

    Tavia has so much emotion in that one screencap. Crying is always her strength. Bosco looks good in that one screencap too, at least not a role that he has been repetitively playing lately.

    Wayne is less refreshing to me, but maybe it will turn out to be better when I get to watch the real video.

    I hope this will get filmed with the same cast, by the right producer.

  17. to foshy: yes WAB was depressing and yes TVB in the past could pull off something depressing like that.... but there's been some changes and I feel like TVB's current scriptwriters/ production team aren't as strong for that anymore. They've had some that are sad, but Eunuch seems like it's supposed to be a lot darker than what TVB's produced in recent years.

    I don't question the idea or the cast. But TVB can have good ideas, but I find they always somehow lose the touch when they try to carry it out.. but if a mainland production team took over -- but still using the same cast, i think it would have a chance of being the way we expect Eunuch to be.

  18. @foshy: War and Beauty is a TVB classic great series that even the producer himself can't even make something at the same scale again. Dance of Passion tried to be a depressing and dark series and it flopped.

    No Regrets is a somewhat depressing series too and is tolerable because it's done by producer Lee but it's still not as good as the less darker Rosy. The ratings don't go to great heights even though it's carrying the popularity of Rosy.

    Eunuch look much darker than the two series mentioned that I can't see TVB current scriptwriters take on this type of genre. The current TVB can only make comedies or family dramas.

    Imagine if producer Lau or producer Mui who are good at making high rated huge family series is ordered to make the dark Eunuch. I think it will be horrible.

    It's safer to make the brighter genre 3 Kingdoms in term of ratings and TVB skills.

  19. To JingMui:

    There was a screencap of Ma Ming playing the Wii! Very cute! This variety programme wasn't even included in the Sales booklet.

    Yes, "The Great Eunuch" is more suitable to be done as a Mainland production because when Mainland does historical dramas, they tend to show more sincerity and to adhere to the historical aspects more.

    Adam is not ratings poison. Actually, his series are quite well-rated. However, when Adam's series air, the stock market tends to crash; thus, it was labelled the Ting Hai effect.

    "The Gods.com" looks like a male version of Charlie's Angels! Ha ha....

    "Phoenixes" will definitely get compared to "War and Beauty", as it is about female struggles in the palace, and they both take place in the Qing Dynasty. I don't have high expectations for "Phoenixes", but I will check it out.

    To Anonymous:

    You seem to have a great bias against Ron. Anyway, we'll have to wait until the Sales actually airs to make further judgments.

    To Michelle & Selina:

    I don't doubt that "Three Kingdoms" will actually film; rather, I doubt that this particular cast will take part.

  20. In "The Boxing King" Selena and Raymond indeed play a couple. See this magazine scan: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=934052889.

    Kevin plays 龍 and Raymond plays 虎. After the two saw Otto's poster, they started boxing. Raymond is a stock broker and he has dated Selena for many years and they plan to marry, but he and Kevin have become obsessed with boxing and something happened that made them cancel their marriage. Also, Kate is pregnant with Kevin's baby, she was opposed to him boxing.
    Kevin will have many boxing scenes with Otto, in the beginning Otto easily beat Kevin, but later Kevin became better.

    Actually I find this series boring, as the theme is boxing and I'm not so fond of fighting.