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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung @ TVB Sales Presentation 2011

Tavia Yeung: "Wow! Can't stand it! You are very handsome today! Why is that?!"

Ron Ng: "Your tongue is very sweet! Today is our annual Sales Presentation".

Tavia Yeung: "Sales Presentation".

Ron Ng: "Today, I am very happy because, out of all these years, I had filmed a short chip in which I like the most".

Tavia Yeung: "Really?"

Ron Ng: "Yes. 'Back to the Three Kingdoms'".

Tavia Yeung: "Applause".

Ron Ng: "In 'Back to the Three Kingdoms'...."

Tavia Yeung: "Hurry! One minute is almost up!"

Ron Ng: "Really? 'Back to Three Kingdoms' is about...."

Tavia Yeung: "Very happy, right?! I'm also very happy! Bye!"

Ron Ng: "Okay. Not done talking yet. 'Back to the Three Kingdoms'...."

Personal Note: Love how Ron and Tavia were pretending to kiss at the beginning of the clip! So cute! :D Ha ha.... Even Tavia says that Ron is handsome! :D

Poor long-winded Ron couldn't finish what he was supposed to say about "Back to the Three Kingdoms". Ha ha....

*Credits to Modizo


  1. TaRo is the sweetest couple ever!!! Love them too much! xD Hm..they pair up together in Yes Sir No Sir right?

    Hehe...looking forward to more TaRo!!! <33

  2. To LynneD.

    Don't know if they will end up at the end, but Moses and Ron will both fight for Tavia. :)

  3. OMG they are so funny!!! haha ron is so cute, unable to speak clearly..haha ...AND the beginning was jokes!

    btw who recorded this clip? it wasnt on TVB.COM

  4. To JingMui:

    A fan recorded the clip from Modizo 名博, a social network just like Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo, but more exclusive and personal. Not all artistes have it because you have to pay for it.


  5. Love them! Only this couple can and would do something like this. Love their playfulness. :D

  6. what are the anniversary series to air for next year?

  7. This couple is so playful that its a joy 2 watch them!

  8. To Anonymous:

    It is too early to tell what will be next year's anniversary series.

  9. It's so fantastic to see close friendship, especially in the entertainment circle. Like Ron and Raymond too!
    You can tell they're pretty good friends and I love it when we're allowed to get a glimpse of it! Like in this clip! How they were pretending to kiss haha. They're so awesome.