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Saturday, November 27, 2010

TVB Sales Presentation 2011

"Back to the Three Kingdoms"

Supposedly, Steven will be filming three grand ancient series next year, and this is said to be one of them.

"The King of the Phoenixes"

This clip was quite poorly edited. Would have liked to see other Myolie scenes rather than just of her yelling.

"The Gods.com"

This series will film in March, and it will be produced by Kwan Wing Chung. Toby Leung and Aimee Chan are also said to take part, while Leanne Li and Lukian Wang may guest-star.

"Psychological Warfare"

The seems to be quite interesting. Hope it will not disappoint. Wish that Kenny had been shown more....

"Relic of an Emissary"

Michael and Kate's love scene quite resembles the one that they had in the Sales clip of "Monk Wu Jie" from last year.

"Mahjong Flying Southeast"

Raymond and Ruco said in their Weibos that this series has a high chance of filming. Hopefully, Ma Ming will still be in it.

"Only You"

Kevin Cheng said that this series will air in February, which makes sense because it would coincide with Valentine's Day.

"The Truth"

It makes sense that the barristers are the main leads in here. Looking forward to the 'Iron Triangle'! It is quite obvious that Ma Ming was filming "Female Fist" when he did this clip because he doesn't look like this in "The Truth".

"Yes Sir, No Sir"

Ha ha.... Moses and his white pants! Too bad there were no scenes of Ron and Tavia together....

"The Great Eunuch"

This clip was actually done better than expected, but still don't know whether this will be filmed or not. I can only see Chik producing a series like this; if so, then doubt that this cast will be used. Think that they messed up because Bosco referred to himself in the first person....

"Colourful World of Sister Fa"

Sigh! Raymond and his 'chok' look.... No wonder Raymond said that his character will not be likable.

"The Boxing King"

This series will film in March, and it will be produced by Marco Law. I guess this is his male version of "Female Fist"....

"Counter Terrorism Response Unit"

This clip was actually not included in the broadcast version of the Sales Presentation. Anyway, if this series does film, hope that either Alex Fong or Wong He takes part, as they are the most convincing when it comes to members of Disciplined Services.

Variety Programme: "Sleepover with the Stars"

Ma Ming is so cute! Ma Ming is taller than the door, as he had to bend down to walk in. Ha ha.... Loved how he pushed the boy out of the way to play the Wii! Ha ha.... If they actually film this, wonder if Ma Ming will be one of stars.... :)

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*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. The Gods.com sales clip is actually merged fragments of "Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade" episode 4 (I didn't watch the other episodes). It is quite funny how they cut parts of the series and then added the Gods into it with their own text.

    Despite of the cast (I don't really like) Psychological Warfare is the most interesting series out of all sales series.

    The Boxing King looks boring, I hope Selena will not film this one, but another modern series.

  2. the sales presentation is disappointing! too little this time

    Psychological Warfare
    Only You
    The Truth
    maybe The King of the Phoenixes or The Great Eunuch
    are my choices.

    ATV sales presentation has a lot more series... lol

  3. To lizzy:

    Yes, I've noticed that when I watched the fourth ep. of "Liza and Gods Anniversary Charade". I thought that was a waste of time because they also played their MV at the end. They could have done two more MV parodies instead.

    I also don't want Selena to film "The Boxing King", but she is mostly in it since she has already confirmed to film a modern series.

  4. To Anonymous:

    Too bad they don't actually film them.