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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clips from TVB 43rd Anniversary Gala

TVB 敢作敢想 繼續發放快樂力量!

Anniversary Lucky Winners
1st: Ronald Law ($1,000,000 in prizes and $200,000 credit card)
2nd: Sherry Chen ($200,000 in prizes and $30,000 credit card)
3rd: Susanna Kwan ($100,000 in prizes and $20,000 credit card)
4th: Jack Wu ($50,000 in prizes)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Natalis Chan
"When Lanes Merge" Raymond Wong & Kate Tsui
"Every Move You Make" Bowie Lam, Kristal Tin & Lai Lok Yi
"The Mysteries of Love" Tavia Yeung
"Can't Buy Me Love" Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh
"No Regrets" Ngo Ka Nin, King Kong & Wayne Lai


Ha Yu, Shek Sau, Chun Wong, Al Wai, KK Cheung, Joe Junior, Susan Tse, Rosanne Lui, Mary Hon, Chan On Ying & Celine Ma

Eight dancers were supposed to lift Chun Wong up, but I guess they took that part out. Mary and Al Wai were the best dancers! Surprised that Chan On Ying danced so well. :) Go, 傻姑!


Louis Yuen, Wong Cho Lam & Johnson Lee (featuring Wayne Lai, Lee Heung Kam, Susan Tse, Kiki Sheung, Wayne Lai, Lo Chun Sun, Wong Wai Tak & Nancy Sit)

Six-pack Wayne!

Mona Lisa's Fake Overbite Lee Heung Kam!

"Ugly Betty" Susan!

The 15-year-old Kiki! :D

"If Evergreen made it big as an idol singer, then Raymond Lam would not exist today! Raymond shouldn't be so happy because ten years from now, he will look like Evergreen!"

絕世巨聲Super Voice

"To Sir with Love" The Voice
至少還有你 - King Kong & Alfred Hui
你把我灌醉 - Evergreen Mak, Victor Chen & Penny Chan
聽海 - Kiki Sheung & Hubert Wu
A.I.N.Y - Mag Lam
你是我的眼 - Eric Tsang & Mag Lam

Always knew that Kiki can sing, but was surprised that she could sing so softly. Good!


Natalis Chan, Sin Ho Ying, Turbo Law, Oscar Leung, Vivi Lee, Oscar Li, William Chak, King Kong, Carlo Ng & Vincent Wong

Enjoyed this martial arts segment a lot! Loved how they showcased each artiste in their own specialty. Derek Kwok was originally supposed to lead the group, but he had to film "Show Me the Happy".

鼓舞激情Let's Get Wet

Jack Wu, Jim Tang, Joe Yau, Lai Lok Yi, Marcus Kwok, Vincent Wong, Jason Chan, Otto Chan, Sire Ma, Lily Ho, Michael Tse, Matthew Ko, Edwin Siu, Benjamin Yuen, Jack Hui, William Chak, Ronan Pak, Stephen Huynh, Nancy Wu, Grace Wong, Janet Chow, Vivien Yeo, Kayi Cheung, Jess Sum, Yoyo Chen, Leanne Li & Sherry Chen

Dancing in water was done two years ago, so nothing special. However, Nancy has improved in her hip hop though! :D


Eric Tsang, Louis Yuen, Carlo Ng, Moses Chan, Michael Tse, Wong Cho Lam, Lee Heung Kam & Koni Lui

Love how Eric was making fun of Virginia Lok! So true and so funny! :D


MC Jin, Moses Chan, Raymond Wong, Kenneth Ma, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam, Linda Chung, Kara Hui, Charmaine Li, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Ngo Ka Nin, Nancy Wu, Evergreen Mak, Elena Kong & Ben Wong


Loved how Ma Ming used the golden pig prop to cover his face at the end of the dance. :D

Lee Heung Kam was the best 'rapper'! Wayne was off-beat, while Ka Nin forgot his line. Don't understand why Linda was in here since she didn't even say a line.


Moses Chan, Carlo Ng, Wayne Lai & King Kong

King Kong's Seung Joi Sam stole the show from Wayne and Moses in this part! Ha ha.... :D

I don't have all of the clips, but I will update this post if I find them.


  1. my favourite segment was the introduction -- lols Ah Lek as Kingsley!! and the beauty salon tvb skit. It's been awhile since they've had a proper skit....the way Eric mimicked Virgina LOk made me LOL... and it really shows that things are changed now with Stephen back...the whole "Mr.Chan is back" or them poking fun at Virgina's work ethics..hahaha... It really seems like the veterans welcome Stephen Chan back...looking at photos and reports...

    I liked listening to Kiki sing too!!

    This year, for sure a lot of people didn't show it. Added with how..well lack of stars/singers available...( to push Natilis and Eric Tsang back out to do so many performances..means something.)...the show was very lacking in thrill moments AND I could hear lots of "dry--cold" moments where the audience just didn't really respond to the segments. The Fun with Gods awards show was good for the first part since the people they were talking about was actually there... but then the second part, the people they talked about werent even there...so it lacked the humour... though I still found 十字步 funny. BTW...who was laughing so loud throughout? someone was still laughing during the parts that were more silent..haha

  2. like for the sales presentation are they going to still show clips like for filmed series like female first and renunion

  3. To JingMui:

    I miss the professional singers! The Voice singers are not good. Sigh!

    Really enjoyed both segments with Eric and Nat. Even though the fake kung fu part was done during the 2000 anniversary and the 2002 anniversary. Still very funny! :D

    To Anonymous:

    No, "Female Fist" and "Reunion" will not be in the Sales.

  4. can u unban me u banned me from the chatbox please

  5. I was a bit disappointed in this year's anniversary. There was nothing spectacular about it & a few of the skits seemed unprepared & unrehearsed, especially the hosts. I think it revolved around Moses & Wayne & their respective series too much. As much as I believe they are very good actors, they shouldn't be the focus of the whole gala. I can understand why Felix Wong & Michael Miu were so disappointed at TVB. There were also a lot of actors absent, I know Charmaine & Sheren are filming in China, but Bosco, Myolie, Kevin all won't there. The gala seemed to be dominated by the veteran actors.

    I hope the awards night is much more interesting!

  6. This year Gala is boring as a whole, TVB Gala is getting worse year by year.

    But there are some parts that I do enjoy and found it funny.

    1. Ah Lek as Kingsley was really funny and it was really funny seeing Tavia deliver her line so seriously that Ah Lek taught her about going to TVB Anniversary and how he never told her that it's maths.

    2. King Kong was really funny as Seung Joi Sam.

    3. The joke about Evergreen Mak and Raymond Lam was really funny. And it was a delight to see Evergreen Mak enjoying the joke.

    4. Love the way Eric Tsang mocked at Ms. Lok. It was a bit surprising to me that they dared to do it.

    I found the rap competition between CBML and NR teams very pointless, especially since the rap itself is more of a CBML thing. It has nothing to do with NR.

  7. I watched the show and thought that the veterans dancing to lady gaga was fun. Very sad to hear some netizens call it corny and making fools of themselves.

    Overall, I like the beauty salon skit and the veterans' dancing. And I was so surprised by Kiki's singing! Very good!

    GMG was really ignored except for one mention by Dodo Cheng. Also, Eric Tsang kept calling Jack Wu as Lai Lok Yi in the final prize game. :X

  8. To foshy:

    Those were also the parts I enjoyed. :)

    To jnlh2010:

    I enjoyed watching the Lady Gaga part. It was quite fun. Mary Jeh should start dancing again! :D

    Didn't notice Eric calling Jack Lai Lok Yi, but MC Jin also mentioned "Gun Metal Grey" at the end of his rap.

  9. I thought it was really funny....even though lacking the more popular/famous people. I laughed the hardest when King Kong pretended to Seung Joi Sam. xD And Raymond lam does look kinda like Evergreen Mak when he was young. HAHA.

  10. Oops my bad, I heard wrongly about Eric Tsang calling Jack Wu wrongly :( I'm more used to 'Wu Jai'.

  11. If you watch Ma Ming's new post on his blog, he says that he was meant to rap but they overran so he didn't do it. And he was saying how he was glad he didn't have to. I wish we got to see it. He also joked that he would definately get a red pocket.

    And he was wearing a suit with a black beanie to cover his newly bald head... hahahaha... he's so cute.

  12. To Hi:

    Yes, Ma Ming is very cute indeed. :) He is happy that he didn't have to rap because Ma Ming is not good at rapping. Raymond and Ma Ming were offered to sing "My Girl" back then, but Raymond was sick at the time, and Ma Ming tried to rap, but he couldn't do it. That is why the song eventually went to Bosco.

    Also, Ma Ming did win a lucky pocket, but it was only $1000 because he was one of the replacements for the lucky pockets of those who did not attend. :)