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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Links to Temptation" Promotional Clip 2

"Links to Temptation". December 13th @ 9:30pm.

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Personal Note: A continuation of the first promo clip.... Still nothing to translate, but the music is even more ominous in this one....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Fala is looking so lovely in this series :)

  2. I'm diggin' her image in this series. Hopefully she can deliver as first lead.

  3. omg it sounds even more exciting now! i can't wait!! really pray it doesn't disappoint!

  4. this looks really exciting. Hope it's not another copied series. TVB really treats Steven so bad by airing this at such time period. It's just gonna be forgotten during award show even if it does well!

    Yoyo as the villain is so refreshing. Hope it' her breakthrough role!

  5. @sport3888, YEAH i agree! i was expecting this to be next year not this year.

  6. Yoyo has the evil look from the clip. Looking forward for her role soon.

  7. awwws...shame they are putting airing this soon.... cause i always feel dramas that get aired after the anniversary months, they tend to be forgotten.

    i really look forward to Yoyo's role!!

  8. Yeah, really wasted. Exactly. But it looks really exciting. I guess, I'll just enjoy the show. hope it's really Fala's breathrough role. I think we all can look this way, even if it's gonna be forgotten, but this can be an exposure for Fala. This is Fala's first time as the female lead so even if the audience is unhappy with her, it will be forgotten easily, and when she have more experience next time, the audience will come to accept her. :)

  9. Actually I think Yoyo' character here is more outstanding than Fala since Yoyo is a villain which is a big breakthrough for her and yes Fala is First Lead adn don't you think that Yoyo's character here is more interesting than Fala's character here. I found Kenny WOng's character is very mystery hope this is another breakthrough role for him and why almost every series by Steven must air on such slot. Look like TVB is quite bias to other son since all three of them is TVB contract artiste right by why they don't have chance to get the anniversary slot?. Hope this series will be a hit and hope the rating is high enough and every character will very memorable if not then such a waste for their efforts.

  10. I think the method of how these promo clips were filmed is totally different from how the series was filmed. I just don't see producer Tsui filming such a mysterious genre. Therefore, I do not have high expectations for this series.