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Sunday, November 7, 2010

TVB 43rd Anniversary Promotional Clip

Artistes (in order of appearance): Wong Cho Lam, Wayne Lai, Michael Miu, Yao Bin, Johnson Lee, King Kong, Louis Yuen, Tavia Yeung, Kevin Cheng, Koni Lui, Ngo Ka Nin, Sire Ma, Aimee Chan, Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Shirley Yeung, Samantha Ko, Macy Chan, Tracy Ip, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Bosco Wong, Michael Tse, Super 4, Kenny Wong, Moses Chan, Kenneth Ma, Liza Wang, Carol Cheng, Sheren Tang, Felix Wong, Desmond So, Becky Lee, and Marcus Kwok.

Personal Note: Love how Moses gave Ma Ming the signal to launch the opening to the anniversary month! He he.... :D

*Credits to lovebosco.net


  1. ohh wow! It's pretty good LOL!

  2. it is a wacky promo. I can wait for a repeat same anniversary show.

  3. ya! the moses to kenneth part was the best part imo too =] kenneth looks cute and good in that purple/grey suit =D

    aww, too bad not everyone is in it. like selena li and charmaine sheh...

  4. Yeah selena isn't inside! :( but the video was good! :)

  5. ahh i always cant seem to watch megavideo videos :( can't seem to find the youtube version for this either!

  6. wow! this is an amazing clip! I found that whenever there is dancing, Kate and Nancy are always together :D Anyway, Kenneth's part is amazing as well! Looking forward to the anniversary! :D

  7. To turtle88:

    He he.... Did you see the other promo with Myolie, Tavia, and Ma Ming? He had that suit on in that clip. :)


    There were quite a bit of artistes missing in this promo. Charmaine was keyed in at 0:50 waving. :)

    To Anonymous:

    Many artistes are not in this clip.

    To tdy89:

    Don't know why you can't seem to watch the clips because other people have no problem.

    To Eva:

    It used to be Bernice who does all of the dancing, but Kate and Nancy do that now. :)