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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Steven Ma Wins Third Prize in Lottery on His Birthday



Steven Ma attended the 10th Central and Western Festival event as an ambassador. Steven's nose allergies were acting up, so he took the risk of singing off-key and sang [during the event]. He said, "I won the third prize in a lottery on my birthday. I thought it was over a million dollars, but there were 110 winners, so I only won $30,000. The lottery ticket was a birthday gift from my assistant, so I will give him half. (How will you be spending it?) Treat friends out to dinner. (There were reports saying that you told Ngo Ka Nin to 'go to hell'.) Ka Nin has already called me and said that he didn't say it [was me]. He felt that it made me upset, and he felt sorry. He only said that a veteran's words have hurt him. I need to explain because I want to prove my innocence. I am a guy, so I will not say 'go to hell'. Also, I just collaborated with Ka Nin last year. We have never collaborated before. The matter is now being handled by my lawyer!"

FYI: 收皮 = an insulting way of expressing contempt for someone, telling them to leave.

Personal Note: Lucky Steven for winning the third prize! Too bad he didn't win the million dollars! He he.... :D Is Steven on a winning streak now.... ;)

Since when is Steven a veteran (前輩)? The most he can be is a senior (師兄)! 囧! The media is just trying to hype up the contenders for the awards.

Steven and Ka Nin have already cleared things up through Weibo.


Steven Ma: "I received a call from Ka Nin this afternoon. He apologized to me because a certain article framed him saying that Ka Nin said that I once insulted him, and told him to XX. Ka Nin expressed to me that he never said that that person was me. It was someone he met ten years ago. Ka Nin said that he is very unhappy that someone had made this up, and he hopes that I don't misunderstand! I want to say that I, too, cannot accept this frame-upon-frame behaviour. I will let my lawyer deal with this matter! Ka Nin, take care of your injury. Don't worry!"

Ngo Ka Nin: "Ma Jai, I am really sorry. The reports have affected you. I would like to apologize to you here. Sorry, Ma Jai".

Steven Ma: "Silly boy, you have already clearly explained it this afternoon. They framed you for framing me. I'd be an idiot to believe it! Remember what I told you. You must handle your eye with care. If you see many flashes, you must go to the hospital immediately. It can be very dangerous! Take care of your injury, Spare Rib Boy!"

Ngo Ka Nin: "Understood".

FYI: Steven had experience with an injury, as he was injured by a horse during the filming of "A Change of Destiny". Some viewers may remember that Steven accepted his 'Favourite TV Male Character' award from Michelle Yim with gauze over his right eye. ;)

Maggie Cheung also supported Steven on Weibo.


Maggie Cheung: "I would not believe it in a million years! The Ma Jai I know would never insult others. You and Ka Nin shouldn't get upset over untrue reports. 'No Regrets' is just too popular!!!"

*Credits to the-sun, singtao, and Weibo


  1. Hi, hyn, hope you don't mind me transferring the above article onto my blog, creditin you, of course.

    I'm glad Pierre finally called up Steven to apologize and clear things up. This kind of character slandering report is very damaging to reputation.

    Hope Pierre's eyes heal without complications.

  2. To Tamaya:

    Everyone knows that Steven it not the type to insult others. The media is just hyping the contenders for the awards.

  3. hyn5: Not EVERYBODY follows Steven's news, much less knows what type of person he is. There were a few posts disparaging Steven, and many responses commented have this thinking:"you never know, there's no smoke without a fire", and over time, a collection of false news smoke can and will become the new fire-up 'truth'. Rumors and gossips are known as assassinators of character, and in this particular case, Steven's character is slandered.

    Though it was no fault of Pierre and he did apologize personally but still as an honorable gesture, Pierre should publicly clear up Steven's name through the press, like he could have mentioned that matter during his Eileen Cha’s interview. This show of solidarity against the press will do much for the artistes in general.

  4. Hi, hyn05, here's the video of the actual interview. Now tabloids actually headlined their front page with 'Steven Ma tells Pierre Ngo to '收皮'.