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Monday, October 25, 2010

Liu Xuan Sina Blog - "Female Fist" Memories

Liu Xuan's Sina Blog

Back in Beijing. The three and a half months of filming was very long. [I] still remember the first costume fitting for "Female Fist" four months ago, the feeling of anticipation, and the joy and sadness of the final scene for the wrap-up of the series. It also felt as though this happened in the blink of an eye.

This filming in Hong Kong was very unforgettable for me. Many of my first times have been given to "Female Fist". The first time filming with three cameras, the first time speaking dialogue in Cantonese, and the first time filming fight scenes...learned many precious experiences. At the same time, [I have] gained friendship.

Thank you to producer Marco for the tailor-made character of Mok Gwai Lan to fit my personality. This historical character...I really love "her". Also believe that this will never be erased from my memories.

Thank you to Carrie for the good scheduling, and allowing me to have a little portion of time to sleep. The time I had to rest is already the most in TVB. He he.... ;P

Thank you to the five directors for their careful directing and strict request, and also the help from the assistant director.

Thank you to John Gor for all of the pointers on set...learned a lot.
Thank you to all of the cast members for their professional acting.
Also, thank you to all of the crew members in "Female Fist" for their warmth and advice, and giving the love and warmth in an unfamiliar place.

Lots of love from the crew, and lots of love from you guys. I will miss you guys!

Bosco Wong passed on many experiences of filming fight scenes [to me].

Left:"Gwai Lan"'s best friend, "Ah Fa" Fala Chen
Right: The big villain in the series, but a big nice guy in reality, Kenneth Ma.

In the series, John Chiang and I have an "older male and younger female" relationship.

On the night of the finale dinner, everyone gave me a surprise, making the rational me cry with emotional tears.

"Female Fist" crew with lots of love.

Weibo Pictures

Modern Wong Fei Hung and Mok Gwai Lan (John Chiang Weibo)

Halfway through the finale dinner, John Gor handed me a present from all of the cast and crew. A very, very big card with pictures from the past three and a half months of filming. Everyone wrote me a warm message that touched my heart. It is very touching. I couldn't hold in my tears. (Liu Xuan Weibo)

The finale dinner is about to begin. Ate my favourite curry. Happy! (Edwin Siu Weibo)

Happy dinner! (Fala Chen Weibo)

Beautiful girls said, "Bosco Wong, you didn't come!" (Fala Chen Weibo)

Master Hwang! (Fala Chen Weibo)

Okay, okay...Ma Ming fans, catch! (Fala Chen Weibo)

"Cherish the three months of labour and happiness we had together". Liu Xuan was touched to tears just like a graduate. We will all miss you, Xuan. (Fala Chen Weibo)

*Credits to Liu Xuan's Sina Blog and Weibo

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