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Saturday, October 16, 2010

42nd Ming Pao Awards Nominations


Nominations - Music

Most Outstanding Album

Ivana Wong 《On Wings of Time》
Eason Chan 《Time Flies》
Janice M. Vidal 《Wish》
Sammi Cheng 《Faith》
Kay Tse 《Slowness》

Most Outstanding Male Singer

Leo Ku 《時代》
Hacken Lee 《罪人》
Aarif Rahman 《歲月輕狂》
Eason Chan 《一絲不掛》
Eason Chan 《陀飛輪》

Most Outstanding Female Singer

G.E.M. 《A.I.N.Y.》 (愛你)
Joey Yung 《雙冠軍》
Sammi Cheng 《不要驚動愛情》
Kay Tse 《活著》
Sherman Chung 《給自己的信》

Most Outstanding Music Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Andrew Tuason 《Private Corner》 Producer
Lin Xi 《一絲不掛》 Lyricist
Chan Siu Kei & MC Yan 《信者得愛》 Lyricists
Jason Choi, Hanjin, Alex Fung & Keith Leung 《Faith》 Producers
Hanjin 《買一送一》 Producer

Nominations - Movies

Most Outstanding Movie

"Bodyguards and Assassins"
"Love in a Puff"
"Prince of Tears"
"Echoes of the Rainbow"
"Ip Man 2"

Most Outstanding Male Artiste

Simon Yam "Echoes of the Rainbow"
Teddy Robin "The Gallants"
Nick Cheung "The Stool Pigeon"
Donnie Yen "Ip Man 2"
Nicholas Tse "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Most Outstanding Female Artiste

Oceane Zhu "Prince of Tears"
Sandra Ng "Echoes of the Rainbow"
Kara Hui "At the End of Daybreak"
Miriam Yeung "Love in a Puff"
Fiona Sit "Break Up Club"

Most Outstanding Movie Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Sammo Hung "Ip Man 2" Stunt Director
Teddy Chan "Bodyguards and Assassins" Director
Pang Ho Cheung "Love in a Puff" Director
Yonfan "Prince of Tears" Director
Alex Law "Echoes of the Rainbow" Director

Nominations - TV

Most Outstanding TV Programme

"Can't Buy Me Love"
"HK ARTchitecture"
"Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
"Fun with Liza and Gods"
"The Voice 2"

Most Outstanding TV Male Artiste

Chapman To "OL Supreme"
Steven Ma "Ghost Writer"
Moses Chan "Can't Buy Me Love"
Wayne Lai "Off Pedder"
Gallen Lo "Born Rich"

Most Outstanding TV Female Artiste

Charmaine Sheh "Can't Buy Me Love"
Charmaine Sheh "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
Fala Chen "Can't Buy Me Love"
Tavia Yeung "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
Susanna Kwan "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"

Most Outstanding TV Behind-the-Scenes Expert

Ho Siu Wai "Fun with Liza and Gods" Producer
Lee Tim Sing "A Fistful of Stances" Producer
Mui Siu Ching "Can't Buy Me Love" Producer
Mui Siu Ching "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" Producer
Mak Chun Tung "The Voice 2" Producer

Personal Note: Obviously there weren't many 'outstanding' female performances in TV this past year. The nominees are all from "Beyond" and "Can't", but all of the performances are not 'outstanding', but I guess they 'stood out'.

Charmaine will most likely win for her performance in "Can't". This is basically the only TV award she hasn't won yet. :)

Happy that Lee Tim Sing is nominated for "Fistful". Hope he wins! :D

Yay! Eason has two songs! His votes will be split, but he will most likely win. However, I wonder for which song? He he.... ;)

Sammi dominated the music category. :)


  1. Jessica has won this awards 2 times and suprisingly she didn't get a nomination in the list.

  2. To Alec Nguyen:

    Jessica won 'Most Outstanding TV Female Artiste' for "Square Pegs" in 2003, and she won 'Most Supported Artiste' in 2002 and 2003.

  3. Really? ....i would really think Rosy Business ...like Sheren or Wayne would have made the list...if they are including last year. And I thought Jessica would have made it even --- Was Sister of Pearl not too well received? I didn't think BTROC was that good, to the point that even this year it is still on the list.... o.0 Or is it really based on ratings?

  4. In 2007, Jessica also won 'Most Outstanding TV Female Artiste' for "Dicey Business" and she didn't attend the ceremony. Gallen Lo received the awards for her.

    @Jing Mui: Because the nomination list of Ming Pao is sooner than TVB's Anniversary so the anniversary seires will be counted next year.

    I always believe the way Ming Pao choose the list but this year is too bad.

  5. To JingMui:

    Sheren and Wayne won last year for "Rosy Business".

    To Alec Nguyen:

    Jessica received the 'Most Supported Artiste' award in 2007, whereas Louise Lee won 'Most Outstanding TV Female Artiste' for "Heart of Greed".

  6. That year, TVB has only 1 nomination and in the same cagetory with Louise Lee.I have the clip and will re-upload later.

  7. To Alec : haha really gallen received it for her?? haha...but only because gallen was being awarded for something too right? haha --- I'm remembering their golden faith days...hahaha

    btw, where are you re-uploading it?

    To hyn: Ohhh...but still...haha

  8. To Alec Nguyen:

    What do you mean TVB has only one nomination? In the 'Most Outstanding TV Female Artiste' category, the nominees included Louise Lee ("Heart of Greed"), Susanna Kwan ("Heart of Greed"), Jessica Hsuan ("Dicey Business"), Sheren Tang ("The Family Link"), and Lydia Shum ("Where Are They Now?").

    Louise won the award for 'Most Outstanding TV Female Artiste', while Jessica won the 'Most Supported Artiste' award. Every nominee is eligible to win the 'Most Supported Artiste' award, and it is entirely based on readers' votes.

    Here's the clip of Gallen receiving Jessica's award for 'Most Supported Artiste' on her behalf. http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/KcQ_NP8PQvU/

    To JingMui:

    Gallen was not awarded for something; the emcees just asked him to receive it on her behalf because he's her good friend and colleague. He was probably just there to support Ming Pao.

  9. LOLS...love their friendship~ haha on my trip in China I saw one of those street art vendor things and one of their art works was a picture of gallen & jessica...haha couldn't resist taking a photo....haha it seemed so random~

    thanks hyn5 for sharing the link!!

    btw who was the female next to him before he accepted the award??

  10. !@hyn5: thanks a lot, because when the result was annouced, Jessica's site said she had got the Best leading actress.

  11. how to vote? sammi and eason dominated the music categories. they totally deserved it!

  12. To Anonymous:

    Eason and Sammi will most likely win.