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Monday, October 18, 2010

TVB 43rd Anniversary Light Switching Ceremony


Opening, "Prize in the City" & Ending

"Scoop" Clip

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Personal Note: This year's "Light" is so boring! "The Voice" contestants sang horribly! Cho Lam, Johnson, and Louis weren't that great in singing either. They were quite pitchy and off-key. However, "Prize in the City" was quite funny! Love Handelababy, Hungry, and Big Ex! He he.... :D

Don't know why "Red Butterfly" is now the sub song for "No Regrets". Is it too much to ask for Ron's version?

Also, don't know why the nominations are not out yet. Maybe TVB will release them on tvb.com. 囧!

*Credits to 雪子Yuki and ivychik1229


  1. Last year's nomination list was announced in a press con. which was held in early November, expect it to be the same this year.

  2. Hi Hyn5

    would you pls translate the 'skit' part by wong cholam and company, pretty pls.. thanks in advance:)

  3. Can you translate the "Prize in the City" skit? Thanks!

  4. Hmmm I'll just say I really, really enjoyed Ron's original version of "Red Butterfly" and I'll leave it at that. =P =X

  5. hm.... why does TVB try to change their anniversary slogan each year? i prefer their older ones that they kept for a longer period of time...or was it always like this? Cause I remember there use to be "Chuen Lik Yi fu, Zo Do Jui Ho!" or "Yan Hei Sor Joi, Chong Sun Tin, Man Chin Sing Fai Hor Toi Hing" ...haha that sounded better and more in unison... but recent years they change it up so much, it's no longer as memorable for me..let alone they seem really lame and forced...hahaha...

    wah lots of people didn't attend this year's opening, hopefully can see them at the gala! there's usually more artistes there right?

  6. TVB is stupid to make a line for the artists and Gun is treated unfair when comparing with No regret!

  7. Haha, from the close-up Steven and Susanna were singing happily along with the 3 gods too.

  8. It's always interesting to see who's in the first row for these pics.

    I don't know why, but I was surprised to see Michael Tse up there (even though I love him)- maybe it's because they don't seem to be giving him that many good roles?

  9. To mr1967:

    Yes, TVB held a press con. last year on November 5th. They will most likely do the same for this year.

    To gemfreak & Tracy:

    Sorry, I will not be translating that.

    To teddieburr:

    When "Red Butterfly" first released, many people thought that it was sung by Eason Chan (obviously they don't sound the same). Also, Ron performed his best singing in that song.

    To Jing-Mui:

    Yes, my favourite anniversary slogan is still "全力以赴, 做到最好". The slogans are so commercial now. Especially hated the clapping at the end.

    More artistes will go to the TVB 43rd Anniversary Show on November 19th. :)

    To Alec Nguyen:

    Obviously "No Regret" got more attention than "Gun", especially when it premiered on that night.

    To Anonymous:

    Ma Ming and Linda were also singing along.

    Kate, Ron, and Fala were moving to the beat. :)

    To AC:

    Micheal doesn't get labelled as lead, but his roles are better than a leading role.

  10. is the award ceremony going to be held in December again?

  11. To sport3888:

    The awards will be held on December 3rd.