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Friday, October 1, 2010

"No Regrets" Promotional Clip 2

Narrator: "Righteousness and sea encounter one another. Compensates for a bet that cannot be lost".

Susan Tse: "Playing this way? The entire city of Guangzhou will be in chaos!"

Sheren Tang: "I want it to be chaotic. The more chaotic, the better".

Wayne Lai: "From top to bottom, she is a thief!"

Narrator: "The help of heroic love. Trains evildoing".

Wayne Lai: "No one in Guangzhou is unluckier than I am! I have wanted to die for a long time!"

Sheren Tang: "After this matter is dealt with, your resentment will be my resentment!"

Narrator: "Anniversary series 'No Regrets'. October 18th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: I didn't like how they played on its Chinese title, as it's hard to make meaning out of it. What's a 'righteous sea' and a 'heroic love' supposed to mean anyway?

*Credits to jovial_kaman @ 黎耀祥吧


  1. I don't think it's Chinese name is to be taken too literally. I think 義海 can mean 情義 while 豪情 can mean courage. I'm not sure if I'm right though, but I interpreted it this way. ;)

  2. OOooh wow!!! I am so excited to see Sheren Tang & Wayne Lai again!! And the trailer looks thrilling, but somehting about it seemed very unfitting to the music...haha..

    and susan's dialogue at the beginning sounds more funny than her being kind of bad or mysterious...hahaaha

    But still, I can't wait!! I hope I wont be disappointed!!

  3. p.s Sheren definetely looks very cool "Ying!!" ar!!

  4. This is gonna be good, man. Sheren never goes wrong. You only see her once a year in TVB.

  5. To No Regrets:

    I know what it means, but it doesn't seem to fit the context that was shown in the clip. Also, I wish that the title was more powerful.

    To Jing-Mui:

    I thought exactly the same thing about Susan's line. The way she said it was weird.

    Yes, Sheren is "ying". Her role will probably be similar to her role in "Good Against Evil". :)

    To Anonymous:

    Sheren only has a per-series contract with TVB. That is why she only films once a year.

  6. omg Sheren looks so cook as a character that on the grayscale of evilness woot! Can't wait to watch! It's a nice switch from the more harmonious relationship of Chai Gou and Sei Lai Lai!