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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Gun Metal Grey" Promotional Clip 2

Lau Tin Lung: "Did you see with your own eyes that Sergeant Shek Tung Sing entered the crime scene with his gun?

Michael Miu: "Yes".

Lau Tin Lung: "Did you see him kill anyone? Did you ever have any fall outs with him? Did he even shoot?"

Michael Miu: "I've said it before! I saw it with my own eyes!"

Lau Tin Lung: "You're lying!"

Michael Miu: "Everything I've said is the truth!"

Narrator: "Black and white. Difficult to determine at first sight".

Narrator: "Anniversary series 'Gun Metal Grey'".

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Personal Note: I like how both promo clips showed the dark side of Felix and Miu.

Miu's hairstyle is far better in this clip than in the series.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. I know the anticipation is probably much higher for RB2 but its genre has never really been me which is why I haven't even watched RB yet. GMG is much more my style and I just LOVE Felix so I'm way more excited for GMG!

  2. ^ I'm the same as you Advo! Personally I'm anticipating this more.
    Although I like both the genre for RB and GMG (both has that dark/complex side to it ^^), but Felix trumps all for me. :D

  3. omg. ME TOO XD I wasn't really looking forward toRB 2...i guess it just wasn't my style either, but I've been waiting for this for quite a while already, and it's finally coming out! SO EXCITED TO SEE FELIX AND MICHAEL.

  4. To Advo:

    Agree, I too favour modern series over pre-modern and ancient series.

    To dvd:

    I'm going to watch this for Felix. :)

    To seedan:

    Love Felix! :D

  5. @ Dvd, Felix definitely trumps it all for me too. I just adore him in whatever he plays, but his villain roles are especially chilly and memorable for me.

    @ Hyn5, LOL, I do actually love both ancient and modern equally. It's the in between one, pre-modern that I just rarely care about. I think it's because the costumes are not as interesting as in ancient, and I personally love wuxia as exaggerated as it. I think the only pre-modern show I can recall I liked was The KungFu Master (2000) and it was predominately because of the "cool" kungfu action.

  6. gah now I cannot wait to watch GMG!! Felix look so evil and badass!! I have a feeling that Felix's character is going to more popular in the drama compare to Michael. Its worth watching this drama since Felix acting skills is still at the top since it been a while he acted in a drama

  7. @ Diana, I'll admit it... I am shallow and that's basically why I enjoy watching MM (a little icky considering our age difference LOL). In terms of acting though, Felix honestly blows him completely out of the water. Unless MM has really upped his game, he WILL be overshadowed by Felix.

  8. To Advo:

    I absolutely loved Derek and Jade in "The Kung Fu Master". :) He was so evil, but he loved Jade so much. :)

    To Diana & Advo:

    Felix has always been a better actor than Michael. :)

    As for their characters, even Ma Ming said that Felix's character in "Gun" is very good. :)

  9. I just read that Felix might also be running in the TVB Actor award up against Moses and Wayne. What do you guys think about it? and can somebody explain to me why they called felix "dark horse" cause they mention it in the article but yet I don't know why they call him that

  10. @ Hyn5 - OMG, I totally loved Derek and Jade too! They were gorgeous together - and I felt so sad about her death and it totally made him spin out of control. Yeah, he was evil - but I do think it was a mixture of his competitive nature and his father's teachings until Jade died anyway. Then he turned pretty insane out of grief.

    @ Diane - I believe 'dark horse' is the term for a very unlikely candidate winning. Basically, Felix' acting will probably place him in the top 5 but due to TVBs nature of only giving the award to their contracted artistes and who's favoured at the moment, there's little chance Felix will win.

  11. To Diana:

    Moses and Wayne are supposedly the heavily favourites to win. The media is saying that Felix can come out of nowhere and win.

    To Advo: