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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"No Regrets" Promotional Clip 3

Narrator: "Snatching authority and snatching power to move to a higher position".

Susan Tse: "You snatch whatever you see! Snatching the limelight, snatching money, and snatching status!"

Sheren Tang: "Spread the word about their bank not doing well. Spread it until it's like a rooster crowing!"

All: "Yes!"

Sheren Tang: "Obviously, I want to swallow your bank!"

Lau Kong: "Don't even think about!"

Narrator: "Heartless and unrighteous. Familial affection can prevent one's change".

Susan Tse: "This woman almost told you to shoot yourself in the head!"

Sheren Tang: "People who have been fighting over things have wanted me dead for a long time".

Elliot Yue: "Whoever's competent will take my state of power!"

Narrator: "Anniversary series 'No Regrets'. October 18th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Sheren is very powerful!


  1. no doubt, sheren is totally the selling point --- like main focus :)!! haha i really look forward to seeing her!!! i think i am going to really like this bad "dai ga jie"~ lols...

    and her intense feud with susan...i am interested in knowing what the cause and relationship is!!

  2. To Jing-Mui:

    Elliot is Sheren's father, while Susan is Elliot's sister; thus, Susan is Sheren's aunt. Sheren and Susan always fight with each other in this series.

  3. Sheren making the whole drama looks really exciting!!!

  4. Wow. Sheren is an amazing actress! I can't wait to watch this!