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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Encouragement of Mentor Catherine Tsang and Leung Choi Yuen, Kent Cheng Supports Steven Ma to Receive 'TV King'



October 26th was Steven Ma's 39th birthday. This year's "A Watchdog's Tale" and "Ghost Writer" won in ratings and feedback, so during the celebration of his birthday, his friends' first congratulatory words were to wish him to receive 'TV King'. The day before, mentor Catherine Tsang, TVB producer Leung Choi Yuen who treats him like a godson, and 'Best Actor' Kent Cheng were all present for his birthday dinner. They also presented him with a 'Little Prince' cake, and wished him to receive the title of this year's 'TV King' for his breakthrough performances in those two series.

Steven's series have become the 'cannon' that guarantees ratings during 'battle'. "Ghost Writer", which was on the verge of being 'cannon fodder', battled against the World Cup; however, the ratings still surpassed 40 points. Witnessing the success of "Ghost", Catherine, who has nurtured Steven for 15 years, is satisfied at the fact that he is becoming stronger and stronger with each battle. With Catherine attending her pupil's birthday celebration, this is his biggest support and encouragement.

After working with 'Lucky Star' Steven, Leung Choi Yuen's "A Watchdog's Tale", "Ghost Writer", and "When Lanes Merge" have entered the top ten in terms of ratings, thereby breaking the record for a producer having the most series rated in the top ten. Leung Choi Yuen said that Steven has always been a good artiste in his heart, and he is the best candidate for this year's 'TV King'.

Kent Cheng, using his 'Best Actor' status, also gave his appraisal: "He should have received an award earlier; it's just that he didn't have enough luck! He acts with depth and professionalism. In my lifetime, I rarely admire people, but he is one of those whom I admire. His serious attitude during work and seriousness in analyzing each character cannot be found in many people today. This is called professionalism, so I support him. In my heart, he is already a 'TV King'. Out of TVB's siu sangs, his acting ability definitely surpasses them. He has substance and talent".

Personal Note: Steven is definitely Leung Choi Yuen's 'Lucky Star', as his series became better after they collaborated.

Let the hype continue! :D

*Credits to wenweipo

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