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Monday, October 4, 2010

2.87 Million Viewers Watch Finale of "Can't Buy Me Love"

"Scoop" Clip



The finale of "Can't Buy Me Love" averaged 42 points, and peaked at 45 points. 2.87 million viewers tuned in to watch the three couples' marriage scene. The overall average of "Can't" is 34 points, and it has surpassed the 32-point average of "The Mysteries of Love", becoming the series with the highest average this year. In third place is "A Pillow Case of Mystery II", with an average of 31 points.

Personal Note: The peak of "Can't" also surpassed the peak of "A Fistful of Stances" (43 points).

Online viewership was counted into the ratings?! 囧!

*Credits to the-sun, tungstar, ent.163.com, and 佘詩曼吧


  1. Congrats to the cast of CBML! This will boost Charamaine and Moses' popularity for this year.

  2. CBML did well, that peaking is satisfactory for a comedy series. Congratulations to all, especially my Ah Sheh ^^.

  3. i was a bit surprised that it didn't hit 50

  4. To artbox:

    There was no way that the series was going to hit 50 points (that's why Moses and Charmaine made promises to wear swimwear), as the series did not have climatic scenes that were unpredictable, and it did not make the viewers get out of their seats.

  5. ^...but i found BTROC to be predictable though...but it still reached 50 points...though I am not saying CBML should be 50 also...hahaha

  6. ^haha, yeh, a lot of dramas' endings are kinda expected too but still managed to hit 50.

    I was just surprised with the fact that there are so many fandas and siu sangs in CBML and it didn't hit 50

  7. Foreverselenali&kennethmaOctober 6, 2010 at 3:21 AM

    What's A Fistful Of Stances placing this year? Is it aft A Pillow Case Of Mystery?

  8. To Foreverselenali&kennethma:

    So far, "Fistful" is seventh in ratings for this year.

  9. Story-wide, Its not surprised that "Can't buy me love" surpassed "The mysteries of love". Honestly, I only tuned in for Raymond and Tavia and managed to stick to end because obviously I'm a FungYi's fan lols. If it wasnt for FungYi, I really doubt The Mysteries of Love could make it this year's second highest average series o.o
    @artbox: yeah im kinda surprised too that CBML only averaged at 34 points considering so many fadans and siusangs were in it

  10. To artbox & chi:

    Ratings are more depended on the actual script, and genre. Sometimes the cast is good, but if it doesn't have a good script to back it up, it will be difficult for viewers to continue to watch it. Promotional tactics can also influence the ratings as well.