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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kenneth Ma Looking Forward to Felix Wong's Performance

Kenneth Ma: "For 'Best Actor', there's Moses Chan for 'Can't Buy Me Love', as the reception was good, but I know that the two upcoming anniversary series are also very incredible. One is 'No Regrets' with last year's 'TV King', Wayne Lai, and there's also Felix Wong's 'Gun Metal Grey'. Actually, I am anticipating this series because I like to watch Felix. In addition, I am a very nosy person, and I've heard people talk [about Felix's character], so I know Felix's character is very incredible. It is well-written, and after listening to the description, you would think to yourself, 'Wow, if only this character were played by me, then it would be good'. [The character] is very appealing, so I would like to see how Felix portrays this character. Thus, [the competition] is very incredible this year".

Interviewer: "It is difficult to choose, but if you are to pick one out of the three, who would you pick?"

Kenneth Ma: "No, those three are 'TV Kings' in my heart".

Kenneth also mentioned that he will be working with Natalie Tong.

Personal Note: Ma Ming has confirmed that he will be filming Leung Choi Yuen's series after he finishes "Female Fist" and "The Truth". :)

Ma Ming likes to visit different sets, and he communicates with crew members, so it makes sense that he would hear about Felix's character in "Gun". ;) Also, Nancy is in "Gun". He he.... :P


  1. Aww, Kenneth's praise for Felix warms my heart. I do have some concerns about GMG going down the same path as Born Rich last year with a terrible script, but it sounds like TVB tried to create a compelling character for Felix. Very good news.

    I do of course disagree a little with Kenneth, LOL. I don't think Moses can compare to vets like Felix and Wayne but maybe he's just too nice to say it ;).

  2. To Advo:

    If you actually look at the words that Ma Ming used to talk about Moses, he never praised Moses' performance in "Can't". He just said that there was good reception. Ma Ming just personally admires Moses. :)

  3. lols...omg, kenneth just looks soo cute in this video...he's got that shy smile and his frilly hair makes him look like a little boy :)

  4. To JingMui:

    He always has that look. :D

  5. Kenneth's description of Felix's character made me so tempted to watch Gun right away...haha :D

    Yes Kenneth is so cute with the shyist smile. Hehe he's such a nice man.