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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nancy Wu Wants to Dress Up as Avatar



Yesterday, Nancy Wu attended a Halloween themed special effects makeup event. She dressed up as Mystique from X-Men, and also expressed that she had attended Halloween parties in the past. She laughingly said, "I most want to dress up as a female Avatar wearing a bikini, and go down Lan Kwai Fong and join the excitement". Many artistes in the industry like to dress up on Halloween to have a night of revelry. Nancy accidentally said that rumoured couples in the industry can use this opportunity to date: "A rumoured couple and I went to a theme park one Halloween, and they used this opportunity to date. We bumped into many artistes that day. Never thought that people were able to guess who they were from their height even though they were wearing masks". However, she insisted on not revealing the couple's identity. As for whether she would meet up with rumoured boyfriend Kenneth Ma and have a night of revelry, she instantly said, "Will not! I have a cold. Last night, I went out with Myolie Wu, Jessica Hsuan, etc. to have hot pot. They later said that they got sick, and blamed me for infecting them".

Personal Note: Wonder who the rumoured couple was? :P

Also, Myolie and Jessica have both blamed Nancy on Weibo for getting them sick. :D Felix Wong even joined the conversation. Ha ha.... :D


Myolie Wu: "My throat is starting to hurt. Did Nancy get me sick?"

Nancy Wu: "No, really?! I used serving chopsticks!!!!"

Myolie Wu: ":( :( :(".

Felix Wong: "Silly girl. You were drunk that night. Later, it was because...of that.... That is why you're sick! Understand?"

Myolie Wu: "Ha ha. Then who got me sick?"


Mandy Wong: "Just finished an interview and have returned home.... Nose keeps running. Am I starting to get sick? Who infected me? bon bon stay with me~good boy".

Myolie Wu: "Nancy got me sick. Even my Filipino housekeeper is sick. Her germs are very powerful!!"

Felix Wong: "It has nothing to do with Nancy. That is the result of getting drunk!"

Jessica Hsuan: "I got infected, too. It must be Nancy!!"

Myolie Wu: "Ha ha. We are all infected!!"

Nancy Wu: "I used serving chopsticks!!!!"

Nancy Wu: "You guys probably got sick from outdoor shooting!"


Jessica Hsuan: "@Myolie @Nancy I am dead sick. Are you guys feeling better?"

Nancy Wu: "It's not my fault!! It's not my fault!!! It's the change in weather. Everyone is sick!!! Wear more clothing, people!!!"

Wu Mei Yee (Myolie's sister): "Luckily, I didn't come into contact with you guys".

Wu Mei Yee (Myolie's sister): "Oh, I think I'm getting sick".

Nancy Wu: "Blaming me, too?! Is it because you Wu sisters got sick from not wearing enough clothing?!!!!!"

*Credits to the-sun, appledaily, and Weibo


  1. oo lols i saw these comments on weibo too!! I really love the friendship between these girls...so funny!! Everyone blaming nancy wu ..btw why do they say "Wu Ding Yee" and not "Ding Yan?" hahaha

    lols and i love felix!!! :)

  2. To Jing-Mui:

    Myolie and her sisters see Nancy as their fourth sister. All of the Wu sisters are "Wu _ Yee"; therefore, Nancy is "Wu Ding Yee". :)

  3. Oooh!! hahaa!! that is soo cute!! hahaha I like the Wu sisters alot then :) hahaa along with jessica and felix!! lols! but hahaha...seems like everyone getting sick hahaa and i read somewhere it had to also do with the rest of them having to sit in the same car as nancy wu or something? haha. so hilarious :)

  4. aww this is just too cute! haha didn't know Myolie and her sisters call Nancy Wu, Wu Ding Yee. Their friendship must really be like family!

  5. Hmmm...I think I know which rumored couple Nancy is talking about hehe The first pair that popped into my mind were Boscolie since Myolie is awfully close with Nancy and there are not many rumored couples in TVB so yeah..just a wild guess =P

  6. To Jing-Mui:

    Ha ha.... Yes, that is why everyone blamed Nancy for getting them sick. :P

    To sport3888:

    Yes, that is why they refer to Nancy as their fourth sister. :)

    To Jules-sy:

    Don't know, but it is very unlikely for Nancy to talk about Myolie and Bosco as a pair. Even when Myolie prank called Nancy on "Mini Mega Fun Show", Nancy said Myolie was single.