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Monday, October 11, 2010

Steven Ma Releasing Album: Returning to Music Scene


The success of "Ghost Writer" has brought Steven Ma many more onstage jobs in Mainland. It is also said that Steven has been added to the battle circle for this year's anniversary awards going up against Moses Chan and Wayne Lai for 'TV King'. He may even have the opportunity to return to the music scene and release a music album.

A Mainland music company is negotiating with TVB on purchasing the copyright for Steven's theme song for "Ghost Writer". They also plan on recording a Mandarin version, and they are interested in recording an album with all of Steven's TV theme songs, releasing in Mainland and Hong Kong.

Personal Note: Let the Steven 'noise' begin, as it will only get louder and louder! :D

*Credits to appledaily


  1. Yay! I really hope he gets the Best Actor award this year, and it would make things more interesting to hype him up against Moses and Wayne. I feel like they're been more news/gossip surrounding the guys up for Best Actor while there's less noise about Best Actress in the past few years.

  2. wow! this is awesome!! i hope he do release an album, i've always liked steven's singing :) and i think he should totally be at least nominated for Best Actor this year and make it to the top 5, all this hype with moses and wayne is getting sorta annoying hahah, give someone else a chance

  3. With the hot favourite two here, I don't think he stand a chance to win but nevertheless, at least it is better than not get nominated at all. However, I don't think his performance in Ghost Writer is outstanding at all. I prefer Fala in Ghost Writer. Her potrayal of the Fairy Fox is so cute.

  4. Sorry, I forgot the 'not'. I don't think he is oustanding in Ghost Writer. Just his usual sad face look like in Lok Sun.

  5. To Jenny:

    The hot favourite doesn't always win. Steven is going to be the "dark horse".

    I agree that Steven's performance is not particularly special, but he is the next one in line to win. We will wait and see.

  6. how long does it generally take to plan, produce and then release an album into the market?

    i would definitely buy his album!!!

  7. To Jenny: Yes, i agree with you. Fala's potrayal as the Fairy Fox is definitely very very cute. I love her. Nevertheless, Steven is not bad. I love them both. :)

  8. To Anonymous:

    Not too familiar with the duration on when an album is released.