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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Steven Ma Is Number One Again

With TVB awards approaching, Steven Ma has suddenly risen to number one for the hit rate of blogs on tvb.com. Let the hype for Steven begin!

October 24, 2010 Top Ten TVB Blogs

01. Steven Ma
02. Tavia Yeung
03. Raymond Lam
04. Myolie Wu
05. Leo Li
06. Nancy Wu
07. Selena Li
08. Charmaine Sheh
09. Fala Chen
10. Katy Kung

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Personal Note: Steven didn't get his tailor-made villain role, but he will probably have a chance at winning 'Best Actor' this year. ;)


  1. He won't win best actor...i'm sure of it...it'll be either wayne lai or moses chan...although i thought if kenneth ma had a chance if he fistful of stances had higher ratings and aired later in the year

  2. TVB tends to pick best actors from "Best Drama" recent years. For ex: sheren and wayne was able to win through rosy business.

  3. I really doubt Wayne Lai will win again, consecutively. The only person to have done that is Gallen Lo and Wayne is no Gallen. I just think it won't happen.
    Moses may win...but really he didnt shine in CBML. I thought Charmaine and even Fala gained more recognition.

    My bet is on Steven...his series consistently pull in good ratings (although nothing record-breaking) and he was well-liked in Ghost Writer. Plus, I think it's "time" for Steven to win - eventually all the leading actors/actresses will get the Best Actor/Actress award :)

  4. To Anonymous:

    Wayne and Moses have already won, so it is highly unlikely for them to win again (especially when Moses' performance in "Can't" is not outstanding, not to mention the series itself not having anything to rave about).

    Yes, in the past few years, the best actors have come from the 'Best Drama'; it can't always be like this.

  5. To JJ:

    Yes, Wayne is no Gallen! If Wayne wins, he will also surpass Roger's status in TVB. Wayne doesn't have the popularity outside of HK.

    Yes, Moses performance was mediocre (if not sub-par) in "Can't", and he had a lot of poor feedback for his performance in the HK forums (however, the media keeps saying that he performed well in "Can't").

    Yes, it is Steven's turn to win.

  6. Yes! I'm really hoping that Steven wins too! I'm kinda expecting more news about him being a dark horse as the awards approach.

    I am wondering if maybe it'll be Wayne/Charmaine winning so that it sets up as advertisement when FH3 starts and airs, although I guess this can apply to Moses as well since they have another series that have finished shooting already.

  7. I'm rooting Steven to win Best Actor too! :) Wayne and Moses will not win again. Wayne will not win because he will not win 2 years on row, nor did Roger or Louis (Koo). Gallen is an exception, but he won 3 (!) times. And Moses will not win, because his acting in CBML was not outstanding at all.. too exaggerated and all

    Steven should win IMO. I don't like seeing the same people winning over and over again, please give others a chance who has never won.

    Tomorrow is Steven's birthday, also the first day filming of Imperial Bodyguards.. wonder if a blessing ceremony will be held before filming? And why out of sudden does his blog rise to the top, last time it was because of A Watchdog's Tale.
    Also when I check back your article, Steven said: "But right now, I do not have a girlfriend!" But it's not true, because in february (2 months after that article) he admits in a function with Selena that he is dating a girl for 6 years already.

    As for the Best Actress, I really don't know. I don't think Charmaine will win, she won't attend the award ceremony. I hope someone who hasn't won, like Teresa Mo, I really like her acting in the sitcoms, but I doubt she'll stand a chance.

  8. And I also wonder why the nomination list is still not released. When did they release last year? Last year awards presentation was in December too.

  9. hope Jessica will win something. 3 series in this year, 2010 is the year Jessica has had the most series since 1999. :D

    I'm sure Ah Sheh will attend the award ceremony, maybe this is the way PR for her.

  10. I, too, am rooting for Steven to win Best Actor this year. And I've high hopes that TVB would finally permit him that 'elusive' title for the very reasons stated by Lizzy, in that, I also believe Wayne will not win 2 years in a row; and that despite CBML's high ratings, Moses will not win because of the overwhelming negative reviews on his ott performance. Steven has two above average rated series this year. More importantly, he has overall good reviews on both his performances in GW & AWT.

    Lizzy: "Steven said: "But right now, I do not have a girlfriend!" But it's not true, because in february (2 months after that article)"

    If you followed Steven's news, you would know that he briefly broke off with gf of 6-7 years, but later reconciled. Moreover, news articles are not always timely. In fact, Steven has publicly admitted having a steady gf way back in April 2008 when he did AJCL promo with Eileen Cha http://stevenma-fanblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/ajcl-radio-promotion-1st-mention-of.html For Steven fans, when news broke this year of his marriage plan was no shocker because he had dropped ample hints to his fans about his attached status through his radio & print interviews and on his yahoo blog. But of course, not all of these news got translated into English.

    Steven fans made a pact to get his tvb.com to #1 as birthday present to Steven. A superficial gesture, but nice anyway.

  11. To AC:

    Wayne is no Gallen. Gallen is the only actor to win in two consecutive years. Roger won two times (2003 and 2005), but they were not consecutive wins. If Wayne wins, not only will he surpass Roger in TVB status, he will also surpass Bowie and Moses.

    Moses had three series air this year, but his performance was not extraordinary.

    To lizzy:

    Yes, Gallen is the only actor to win in two consecutive years (1997 and 1998). His third win was in 2002 for "Golden Faith".

    It is definitely Steven's turn to win.

    Do you mean this article http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2010/02/steven-ma-admits-dating-for-six-years.html ?

    At the time, Steven did break up with his girlfriend. Steven just included the time that they were apart into their six years of dating. Their relationship is going strong, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he gets married. :)

    Last year's nomination list come out during the beginning of November. So, it will most likely be the same for this year.

    To Alec Nguyen:

    Yes, including "Gun", Jessica will have three series airing this year. But, it will be difficult for her to win because she has already won in 1999, and she is no longer a TVB-managed artist.

    To Tamaya:

    Steven will be turning 39 tomorrow, so it is nice for his fans to get his blog to number one for his birthday. :)

  12. To Tamaya:

    Oh I don't know about Steven's break up. Thanks for telling me... :) I like your blog!

    Last time I read news that Steven said he saw clouds having the shape of a buddha hand palm (掌) and reporters say it may be a sign that he'll win an award (獎). As the pronounciation sounds the same.. Hahas

    To hyn5:

    Who do you think will win Best Actress?

  13. To lizzy:

    Either Sheren or Charmaine.

  14. You should have a poll on who will win those awards...until the ratings of No Regrets come in (first week not that great) we won't know for sure, but if the ratings are high enough...i will give my vote to Wayne. Steven's series have been good this year, but nothing special...i have a dark horse for best actor though...raymond lam. One reason is because TVB is absolutely in love with him and promoting him more than any other actors...2nd reason, Mysteries of Love is so far the 2nd highest rated series this year (probably fall to 3rd, i think No Regrets will beat it) and lastly, if kevin cheng can win it for UTCOL, raymond def. has a big chance (the only way they don't give it to raymond is if the ratings for No Regrets isn't high enough) My thinking is wayne, raymond, moses, steven, is top 5 for best actor (fifth could be anyone...maybe felix wong, but he won't win it even if gun metal grey gets highest ratings...not contracted to tvb) and either wayne or raymond will win. No offense to Steven, i think he's a better actor than raymond and since wayne won it last year, steven should but if you look at the past years...the best actor award goes to the main actor from the best series awards (or highest rated series)...and steven's series will not be even in the top 3 this year (best actress goes to Charmaine edging out Sheren, best supporting actor to Pierre Ngo edging out Dominic Lam, and best supporting actress goes to Fala Chen edging out Natalie Tong (of course, this is based on the my opinion that No Regrets will have good enough ratings...i thought A Fistful of Stances was great but their ratings also were very low....don't know whats wrong with hong kong viewers)

  15. Is Sunny a non-contracted artiste? Seems like he doesn't get any awards.

    Is it possible for Fala to win best supporting actress again since she won it before for her role in Steps (which I thought was undeserved). I think it would make more sense for her to win Favorite Actress.

  16. How about Felix Wong if he gets nominated?
    Even though, we haven't seen his performance from the Gun Metal Grey, his acting should be really good and convincing although this is his only recent series. I know he doesn't need an award but it will be great if he can win it even though the chance isn't high.

  17. I kinda want Steven to be the "dark horse" and win Best Actor this year. I think it's his turn to win, I mean his performances weren't extraordinary (I didn't watch either of his series this year - only bits and pieces =P), but his performances were quite good (from what I've seen anyways). I agree, Wayne can't win two years in a row (plus it seems like No Regrets isn't having awesome start anyways) and Moses in CBML was pretty mediocre (not that great). And I don't want Raymond Lam to win, he does not deserve it at all (imo anyways).

    I guess we'll have to see how No Regrets do to see if it's Sheren or Charmaine that wins Best Actress. Charmaine was quite good in CBML (up to her standards and a lot better than BROC), but Sheren seems to be quite good from the previews. I don't really have a strong preference, who else should be in the running?

    I want to see Kenneth win Favourite Male Character for FOS =] Even though competition is tough and TVB is biased towards better rated dramas... His outshone the lead in the series and was a nice breakthrough character. Or maybe his character in MOL, Gordon =P

    I want Selena Li to win Most Improved Actress, but chances are slim since she didn't really shine this year. She should've won in 2008 =[

  18. wow, reading all of you guys' comments, insights, and thoughts made me realize steven actually has a chance, i really want him to win this year, but i thought with all the hype for moses and wayne, he wouldn't stand a chance, but all of your reasonings makes sense now!! wayne wouldn't win again...and i agree about moses not really shining in CBML, ahhh!!! the more i think about it, the more it seems like steven can actually win this year!! yay!!! i actually hope so cause there's not much news on him, i really enjoyed ghost writer and i'm not much of a fantasy, ghostly genre type of person, but ghost writer was really good. rooting for steven!!

  19. Sunny is contracted to TVB but he isn't really favored by them. They've been giving him alot of boring roles to portray. If Sunny were to win it would've been his performance in War and Destiny. But this year he doesn't really have any breakthrough roles. =( Wish TVB would give him more grand productions to film again.

    For the five nominee if it isn't felix wong then it'll have to be Raymond Wong! He's had the most series this year so quite possible. Plus TVB is promoting him alot. Though out of respect they will probably nominate Felix especially his role isn't the typical lead role.

  20. To Anonymous:

    If Raymond is to win 'Best Actor', it will definitely be a series on Tommy's side; therefore, he as a bigger chance of doing so next year. TVB and the media will use Raymond's name to hype up the awards again.

    Also, TVB is trying to push Fala's status. Since she has already won 'Best Supporting Actress', her next step up is 'Most Favourite TV Female Character'.

    To Kitty:

    Yes, Sunny is a TVB-managed artiste.

    TVB is trying to push Fala's status. Since she has already won 'Best Supporting Actress', her next step up is 'Most Favourite TV Female Character'.

    To Anonymous:

    Don't know if TVB will nominate Felix, it will have to depend on the feedback. But like you've said, Felix doesn't need an award because everyone knows that he can act. :)

    To turtle88:

    2011 will be Raymond's year. :)

    Either Sheren or Charmaine will win 'Best Actress'.

    Ma Ming's next step up is 'Most Favourite TV Male Character'. I support Ku Yue Tong!

    To Rachel:

    I did not expect readers to post their guesses in this post because I usually do a write up after the nominations have been announced. Hopefully, the nominations will be out in the beginning of November. So, expect to read more. :)

    To sport3888:

    Raymond Wong can receive a nomination, but doubt he would make top five. Ma Ming has a bigger chance than he does.

  21. 下?你講真架? 馬浚偉演技邊fut似視帝?仲衰過鄭嘉穎囉。。

  22. I hate how these awards are so predictable and are given to promote the artist. It's like "Oh, Steven never got an award, it's about time" or "Oh, next year will be Ron's year, so he's probably not going to win anything until then". It's just... where is the excitement? I know TVB can do better than that. The awards deserve to be handed to those who really worked hard AND did well within the last year (and by that I do not mean Moses Chan or Charmaine Sheh). It shouldn't be a popularity celebration (they have awards for that!) I have not seen any of Steven's dramas this year, but tbh, he should have won Best Actor many years ago.

    All I care about is Felix, lol. But he's probably not going to win anything because he doesn't need that promotion.

  23. Ah Sheh has everything at TVB now, looking at the time of "7 Big Fa Dans" in the 90s and 2000s, they always need to share their position and awards but now I think Ah Sheh is number one even though Tavia or Myolie is a A-Class level but it's too far to comparing with Ah Sheh. TVB awards is the time for TVB hype up their artists, like Tavia last year. However, poor TVB, this year, they don't have any outstanding female role for "Best Arctress" title. The chance of Ah Sheh is so high, but if she is Best Actress 2010, next year TVB cannot lancer her again. So that Ah Sheh doesn't need to win this year because every year she always has a big chance to win.

    About Sheren, she is not a commercial actress and even she doesn't have any upcoming series for TVB. I bet that Best Actress will be the most suprising this year.

    Best Actor, I like Raymond Lam to be a winner more than Wayne or Moses. Moses's acting is over and TVB forces him to act too many films but no gives him the well-written roles like Healing Hans II.

  24. Oh right...i forgot...i agree with you, fala will more likely get Favorite Actress award. I feel if Sheren wins it again (don't think so if ratings for No Regrets doesn't rise) then they will give it as a consolation prize to Charmaine...but you're right, they are promoting fala, she most likely will get Favorite. In that case, i think Natalie tong will win for supporting actress. Hope to talk about this more when the nominations come out

  25. To Anonymous:

    視帝級, 鄭嘉穎是最底的.

    To Scar:

    That's TVB politics for you.

    To Alec Nguyen:

    There is no "dark horse" contender for 'Best Actress'. It's only between Sheren and Charmaine.

    To Anonymous:

    Natalie Tong has a higher chance of winning 'Most Improved Actress' instead of 'Best Supporting Actress'. Kara Hui will most likely win 'Best Supporting Actress'.

  26. I'm hoping that Felix will win Best Actor this year (even though I know the chance is slim because of political reason). But even from the little previews of the series, I actually think he stole the limelight for me this year. Of course, I have to re-confirm when I finish watching Gun Metal Grey. TVB should actually pay tribute to him even if he doesn't need the promotion, considering that a lot of their HIT series back then was acted by Felix. He was a big part of TVB golden era.

    I like Steven and I agree it's his turn to win and he did well in Ghost Writer, but it is definitely not his best performance so far nor is it his breakthrough. So if he wins for it, I will be happy for him but will feel pity that his win is not as glorious as it's supposed to be/should be. Moreover, even though overseas fans largely like Steven, he doesn't seem to be favored by the hk netizens.

    As for the other contestants, I prefer Wayne over Moses this year, but again Lau Sing is not a breakthrough so far.

    As for Best Actress, my pick is Sheren so far. I actually like her performance in No Regrets instead of Rosy Business. Theresa Mo is a good actress but her series is not hyped.

    As for Best Supporting Actor, I'm still rooting for Dominic Lam to win even though Kanin Ngo is doing well too so far.