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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Gun Metal Grey" Promotional Clip 5

Felix Wong: "If you're counting it, it has been almost ten years since I've filmed a TV series".

Michael Miu: "Counting back on our last series collaboration, it would have to be 'The Yang's Saga'".

Michael Miu: "Welcome, Sergeant Shek Tung Sing. You have officially joined A Team!"

All: "Yeah!"

Felix Wong: "This script is very interesting. My character is not the distinctly good or evil characters that I've played in the past. It is very complicated and very three-dimensional".

Jessica Hsuan: "You were originally a good cop. Why did you become like this?"

Michael Miu: "The production is taken seriously, so there is great anticipation [for those who have taken part in the series and the viewers]. Once we stepped foot on the set, there were already sparks".

Narrator: "Anniversary series 'Gun Metal Grey'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: I actually do look forward to "Gun" after watching these promo clips. :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Is that the poster at the end? It reminds me of 'Last One Standing.'

    I like that this series is geared towards Felix-Michael chemistry.

    What role does Jessica play? I hope it's something different than her strong, independent roles.

  2. Jessica plays the smae role as usual strong and independent. By the way the last scence is not the poster.

  3. To Tracy:

    That is only part of the poster.

    It also resembles the poster for "Turning Point".

    Jessia is a magazine editor. It is very rare for Jessica to play those weak type of characters.

  4. At least she's not a lawyer or judge this time. A magazine editor is a different role. Maybe a reporter would have been more fitting.