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Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Witness Insecurity" TVBI Trailers

Personal Note: The storyline of this series is so '90s...seems like a crossover between "Deadly Protection" and "Ultra Protection".

From the extended trailer, it seems as though Paul Gor is the lead.


  1. The series storyline look so old fashioned and low quality! It's far cry from watching Tiger Cubs trailer.

    Seem like a must skip series since this look like the worst series of the year so far and so low budget and quality

  2. My exact thoughts hyn5! Feels like they just combined Deadly Protection x Ultra Protection. The falling for your body guard love story is so over used in movies and dramas. Wish Linda's role was more interesting =/ If she was part of the protection team it'd be more refreshing.

    Deadly and Ultra Protection both had better storylines than this.