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- "Succession War" Week 2: averaged 20 points.
- "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" Week 7: Mon. to Fri. averaged 31 points; Sun. averaged 35.6 points.
- "Who Wants a Baby?" Opening Theme Video
- "Who Wants a Baby?" Theme Song
- "Succession War" Sub Song MV
- "Big White Duel" Completion Banquet
- Louis Koo Startles Jessica Hsuan with Violent Acting
- Parodying "Detective Investigation Files"! Michael Tao Becomes 'Cheung Siu Yung' Playing with 'Car Keys'
- "Succession War" Opening Video
- "Succession War" Sub Song (Full Version)

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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Master of Play" Sand Painting 21



In the animal world, the octopus excels the most at camouflage, even more ruthless than the chameleon; however, they still cannot compare to humans. For benefits, humans hide their true selves. In the end, don't even recognize themselves. This ability to bury one's conscience...can other animals do it?

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