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Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Witness Insecurity" Full MV

"Blissful" - Linda Chung

最幸福的事 《護花危情》 主題曲 - 鍾嘉欣

作曲/監製: 鄧智偉
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Johnny Yim

就算雨傘破了 身體濕透 沒法子
就算我向世界飛奔千百里 又再輸
就算跌過百次 再尋下次

心弦若果 頻率很類似
相看像照鏡子 淚痕仍似詩

*曾想象太好 歷太多失意
孤單的滋味 天知我知

失望太多 就試多一次
不捨的思念 不可遏止
請讓我將心中句子 認真講你知

閉起門窗 誰願給耐性
失眠日子 年月很動聽
天際倦到再黑 夜闌仍有星

Repeat *

曾失望太多 就試多一次
請讓我將心中句子 認真講你知

Personal Note: The beginning of the song sounds reminds me of "Little Story" (the theme of "A Journey Called Life"). Doesn't seem like a theme, but like the song! :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Do you know who the male lead is??? It doesn't look like Bosco, who is the male lead in the series right??
    I like this song too, but you're right, it doesn't sound like a themesong. Hmmm what is going on with the themesongs LOL>

  2. ^ Bosco is the main. He's not in the MV.

    This sounds more like a subsong.

  3. When Theme songs sound like the usual theme songs, It gets so boring and stupid. I like this song, but what is it about? Can someone give me a short summary or explanation?

  4. I like the melody/ background music, especially the beginning part (with the violin?)!It sounds so familiar.. like I have heard it before, but don't know from where O_o


  5. I like this theme song too (even though it sounds more like an ending theme)! Not to be biased but I think I've liked every theme song by Linda. They are good compositions! And she has improved along the way. :)

    Yeah, I also don't recognize the guy in this MV. Mr HK or someone from TVB's acting class?

    1. Mr. HK 2011 Clayton Li is in this MV.